Andrew Tate final message

Everything Andrew Tate has said in his ‘final message’ video shared after social media ban

‘I have some responsibility to bear, although I believe I have been unfairly vilified’

Andrew Tate has posted a video titled ‘final message‘ via Vimeo, addressing his widely publicised ban from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. Andrew Tate has shared it via Jake Paul on Twitter, who tweeted a link to a website titled Andrew Tate’s final message and includes an hour long video of Tate addressing all the claims against him.

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer whose meteoric rise to fame over the last month saw him Googled more times than Trump and Kim Kardashian, received his suspension from the platforms following his widely publicised and controversial views regarding women.

What does Andrew Tate say in his ‘final message’

Tate starts the video by discussing his childhood, which he describes as difficult, both in his native Chicago and after his move to Luton following his parents’ divorce. “I’m very, very happy that my life has been difficult because it is difficult to become a man of my capabilities without the struggles, without facing adversities and without overcoming often insurmountable odds,” he says. “Even from a very, very young age, I was taught that going to the authorities and crying and hoping someone else is going to fix your problems is not the way a man conducts himself.”

Tate said that as a child his father encouraged him to deal with his own problems and not go to authorities, encouraging him to fightback against bullies including hitting one around the face with a lunch box on the school bus. In high school, Andrew says he had the reputation of being the guy no one really messes with but he wasn’t a bully. He says: “I actually had a friend in school who was gay, I have five main friends  and I was also friends with a gay guy. And he would make fun of me for being American and I would make fun of him for being gay back then but the world was a very different place.”

Andrew then goes on to say it was this gay friend who has encouraged him to speak out about their friendship in relationship to Tate’s ban across social media.”This leads me on to the reason I believe these narratives have gained such a foothold in popular consciousness. Due to the fact I’ve been able to develop an iron mind, because I am probably the only individual who can be vilified to this level without taking personal insult and without being emotionally affected. I’ve allowed certain narratives to gain traction when I shouldn’t have done.”

Andrew Tate claims many things said about his views on women are false, but he never made any effort to protest against what was being said about him because he felt like people would hate him regardless. “I am fully aware that not everyone is going to believe what I say, there is always going to be someone who disagrees. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me and I have no problem in being seen as controversial for some of the things I’ve said.”

Tate says he does draw the line and has a problem when people accuse him of falsehoods and says there are “complete and utter lies” being said about him. He insists he has no criminal record and refutes all claims of it, and says his videos are chopped up and edited to be taken out of context.

Did Andrew Tate apologise in his ‘final message’?

Andrew Tate spends the majority of the video trying to prove that the image perceived of him is false. He explains “To a degree I am a victim of my own success. People are trying to find any little clip of anything I’ve ever said, remove all the tonality and blow it up to get views and be as controversial as possible. This has culminated in the media believing something about me that is so pertinently false, based on videos I have never made, purported, accelerated and advertised by people I don’t even know. I’ve become the number one villain on earth and I believe that is unjust.” He says he and his family received thousands of death threats a day, but also that men message him thanking him for the motivational impact he’s had on their lives.

“I understand why they did it – It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative view of women, negative view of men negative view of a sexuality, it doesn’t matter what it is, it should be stopped, I agree with that – Instagram have a responsibility to show it is listening to the public.

“I have some responsibility to bear – I still blame myself, because my rise has been so meteoric and became so famous so quickly. My responsibility is that any negative connotations in my videos are removed. The way you say things in a video that gets 500 views is very different from the way you say things in a video that gets 50million views – the more people you reach, the more important it is that people don’t take things out of context.

“This ban is the hard reset I needed to tell the truth, for that I’m thankful. This is a chance to move my social media purely to my charitable acts, even if my Instagram is reinstated, it’s only going to be about The Tate Foundation, there will be no pictures of Bugattis anymore, sorry gentlemen.”

Watch the full video here

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