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Here’s what to do if your boyfriend follows and watches Andrew Tate, according to Reddit

‘His attitudes and opinions have changed dramatically’

By now we all know Andrew Tate’s name – it is everywhere right now, especially on Reddit, TikTok and Twitter. He’s a self-proclaimed hustler with some very controversial opinions to do with women. One person one Reddit posted a question saying “My boyfriend watches Andrew Tate, what should I do?“. Once you sift through the ridiculous amount of piss take responses – there’s actually some decent advice in there.

So the original post says: “Honestly at first it was fine because I assumed he was just coming across these videos and some of them I actually found amusing myself. But now his entire TikTok and Instagram consists of this man shaming and bashing women and it’s begun to make me extremely uncomfortable. Mainly because his attitude and opinions have changed dramatically and most of what he is saying is stemming from watching these videos, and I’ll admit it’s really hurtful to hear.”

The user continues to say her boyfriend tells her when they’re 25 they should have kids but he doesn’t want to be married. He also has apparently said if she doesn’t want kids by the age of 25, she will have nothing to do with her life and it won’t matter anymore. Her post continues: “I’ve had numerous jobs, one where I worked on plans and he said I shouldn’t be doing it because that job is for me. And that I should want to be a stay at home mum and not work. He now believes that me, a woman working a job that is ‘socially constructed for men’ I am disrespecting him and undermining his masculinity. I don’t even know what the hell that means.”

She says her boyfriend has suggested her sister is a “whore” because she lives in a popular city. He also apparently believes anything his girlfriend does outside of her gender construct means she wishes to be a man. “It sucks because we’ve been together for four years, and I’ve never seen him like that. What should I do?”

In short, dump him

One user responded to this post telling her she should simply break up with her boyfriend. The Reddit user says: “I can tell you from experience: the temporary pain of a break up is far less than the pain of spending a couple of decades with a man who thinks like this. He will absolutely crush your spirit and destroy your life. You both got together as kids. Four years feels like a long time because of your age, but you both did a lot of growing and changing in those years. Unfortunately he’s grown into someone who is really, really bad for you.”

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Another user advised the girl to go on dates when she feels lonely. They say: “Be selfish. Live your life for a bit. Then you’ll meet someone who did the same thing and share your life with them. I wasted my 20s trying to fix broken relationships.”

Someone else reassured the girl who posted the original statement saying most men don’t think this way. Their response says: “In the future, you might look back at this moment and think that your ex represents how most men think. Most men don’t think this way. I’ve met dudes in my life that were grade A assholes but those guys don’t represent most men. You ex is one of those assoles who I wouldn’t want to be associated with and would tell other people to stay away from. I bet you he says worse things about you and women in general when you’re not around. If he keeps this up, he is going to spiral down to the point where no one wants to be friends with this guy and he will have to hit rock bottom before he realises he is the problem.”

Since posting her original statement, the girl has updated it saying: “This wasn’t satire and I genuinely wanted raw and unbiased opinions because I really don’t know if I was just overreacting or if I just needed to chill out. But still, what was said was extremely disrespectful and as of now we are most definitely broken up. He knows about the Reddit post. I didn’t not show him. He says that I am childish for it. Maybe he’s just hurt by the comments. I don’t know. but he said some even worse things. Big eye opener. Thanks for all the advice, for or against.”

Background image from Kelli McClintock on Unsplash. Image of Andrew Tate credited to @cobratate on Instagram.

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