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A YouTuber who had surgery to ‘look Korean’ has finally apologised to the Asian community

Oli London claims they underwent 32 surgeries to look like BTS’ Jimin

Oli London, a white English influencer who famously underwent a number of surgeries to “look Korean” in 2021 has finally apologised to the Asian community.

The content creator previously described themselves as “transracial,” but now admits they were going through an “identity crisis.” In a video posted on Monday (29th August), Oli addressed their mental health issues as well as the criticism they received.

According to Insider, eye surgery and penis-reduction surgery are just a couple of the procedures Oli has undergone, which have been branded “racist” by viewers.

oli london apology

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The 13-minute video titled “APOLOGY VIDEO (My Apology to Jimin and the Asian Community)”, Oli said they struggled with “constant bullying in school for the way I looked.” They admitted that “issues with my self-esteem… has led me to becoming who I am today.”

Oli addressed their “love” for Jimin, a member of Korean boyband BTS, saying they “really tried to model myself on that person… because of the happiness they made me feel inside.”

“I can’t be another person,” they said. “I just need to love myself… I mean this from the heart, I want to apologise.” Despite this, they still “identify as Korean.”

jimin video

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In another 17-minute video titled “I’m calling YOU out… (STOP THE ABUSE)”, Oli began by saying: “I really appreciate the support, because it’s really hard to open up about things like this.”

They then went on to say their story may “help people who have other mental health issues, or maybe suffered with identity crises like I’ve done in the past.”

The YouTuber revealed they’re currently in a “rehabilitation programme,” working “with a therapist.” They opened up about having “vulnerabilities… I have an obsessive personality, I have (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and I think I’m Bipolar.”

Each video has been viewed thousands of times.

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