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Right, we need to talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s creepy age-gap relationships

I won’t let him give me a mid-life crisis at 24!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio has just broken up with his latest girlfriend, 25-year-old model Camila Morrone.

Sounds like a boring old tabloid title you’d pay little attention to while scrolling through Twitter – until you realise he’s 47, there’s an age gap of over two decades, AND he’s done this type of thing time and time again. I truly have to question: Could this man be one of Hollywood’s villains?

People have painted him out to be some kind of playboy legend – like, “props to him for only ever dating models with still-developing brains.” But it’s time to acknowledge that Leonardo DiCaprio just looks like a sad, middle-aged man with a weird taste for younger women and a clear refusal to mature.

Let’s talk about *why* big age-gap relationships are so strange. Whichever gender dynamic you have, there’s often going to be a power imbalance between both people. The older person is likely to have much more life experience than the younger – their minds are fully developed, they’ve had more experiences, and they’ve had a 10-plus-year advantage to get to know themselves.

Young adults are just beginning to figure the world out – and, you don’t need me to tell you, your early twenties in particular can be ROUGH.

Leonardo DiCaprio has all of that influence and more, factoring in his position as a rich, male celebrity (his net worth is said to be around £224 million) with tons of privilege. Could there be a reason women his own age don’t want to date him?

The wider trend of men in Hollywood only limiting themselves to much, much younger women is concerning for another reason, too. It perpetuates the stereotype that women over 35 (in Leo’s case, 25 is practically geriatric) can’t be desirable, fun and fit.

It makes us feel like we have a time limit on our own sexuality – like we’d better get as much shagging in as we can over the next decade, before our looks turn to dust and we start randomly popping out babies. Basically, it’s really misogynistic.

(By the way, it’s totally fine for men to “let themselves go” as much as they want. They just expect US to look the same forever.)

So, Mr. Movie Star. Try dating women your own age. You never know, you might find yourself finally settling down sometime soon.

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