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Just 25 memes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends who don’t go beyond 25

I’m guessing Leo will no longer want to be in Titanic now it’s 25 years old x

When the news broke about Leonardo DiCaprio’s split from his former girlfriend Camila Morrone, the internet was sent into a frenzy. This wasn’t because they had been together for years and everyone had hoped they’d soon have kids, instead it was because Camila had just turned 25 and Leo’s notorious dating pattern struck once again. Over the years, the movie star has been the subject of hilarious memes each time he and a partner break up as they seemingly never go beyond the age of 25. According to a chart on Reddit, DiCaprio has never had a girlfriend over the age of 25 in last 20 years.

People have been calling his dating history a “phenomenon” and honestly I have to agree. Despite never publicly addressing it, fans don’t care and have been absolutely rinsing him and his dating life on social media and some of the memes are absolutely hilarious. Enjoy these 25 memes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends who never go beyond the age of 25:

1. That’s fair tbh

2. Jane Austen is rolling in her grave rn

3. Sigh

4. It’s a vicious circle

5. I can’t believe it never crossed my mind

6. LEFT!

7. I’d watch it tbh

8. Looool

9. It’s a dark day

10. It’s the end of the road buddy x

11. Where’s the closest fire exit?

12. Peace out x

13. Alexa play Gotta Go My Own Way

14. Out!

15. Stop it

16. She’s lived her life x

17. Marked safe in August 2022

18. I’m available!!

19. The jig is up

20. Fair

21. That’s enough now

22. Watch this

23. What a shame

24. Who is we?!

25. Who are you?

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