Ok, so just how much was antivirus mogul John McAfee worth?

At the end of the Netflix documentary it’s said his business is valued in the billions

Netflix has released Running With The Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, which tells the story of when the man behind McAfee antivirus software went on the run following the murder of his neighbour. During the film, we see John McAfee living a very lavish lifestyle. He just casually buys a property in Belize, has a yacht, parties and drinks none stop and money is never a question in any of the situations he finds himself in. So, it begs the question: How much money did John McAfee have and what was his net worth?

You’re probably not at all surprised to know he was a very, very wealthy man. Here’s what we know.

The net worth of John McAfee at peak and his death

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So, what was the net worth of John McAfee?

McAfee was found dead in 2021, aged 75, in his prison cell in Barcelona. Whilst there are many theories about what might have happened to him, the Catalan Justice Department said “everything indicates” John had died by suicide. At the end of the Netflix film, it states the company that bears John McAfee’s name is now worth $14billion.

Of course, that doesn’t reflect the actual net worth of John McAfee as an individual. At the height of his wealth, John McAfee is reported to have been worth $100million. In 1994, he sold his stake in the tech company and resigned, seven years after it was founded.

But, McAfee’s wealth took a huge hit during his life. His fortune was hit hard by the recession and he was forced to sell real estate at cut-price rates, including a $25million home for just $5.7million. When he died in 2021, John was worth just $4million – much much less than he had been previously.

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