Enough is enough: It’s time to stop our culture of hate-watching Netflix shows

It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s time to stop making more Emily in Paris

There’s nothing funny about the Downing Street parties anymore

Our government’s betrayal is beyond a joke

Influencers need to step up and start actually using their platform for good

Instead of making empty apologies, influencers like Molly-Mae and Elle Darby need to put their words into action

We need to stop using ‘be kind’ to let influencers get away with whatever they want

Influencers like Elle Darby and Molly-Mae need to step up and take responsibility for things they have done

Molly-Mae’s latest comments prove just how tone deaf influencers still are

Tell me you’re privileged without telling me you’re privileged

Reactions to the BBC drama Four Lives prove people won’t stay silent on police failings

The new true crime drama has been described as ‘damning’ in its portrayal of the Met Police

Using science, I definitively ranked 2021’s best Christmas meal deals

Don’t worry, I’ve only included Waitrose once x

I logged a song a day for all of 2021, and this is everything I learnt about myself

Most importantly, it birthed the most chaotic playlist in music history

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