The Kardashians have created an unrealistic beauty standard even they can’t keep up with

This desperation to conceal their ‘natural’ selves is detrimental to so many of their fans

As we’re talking about blood clots, where is the government’s energy to improve the pill?

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced huge side effects from the pill

The Great Pottery Throw Down is an absolute triumph for male vulnerability

Keith Brymer Jones > Paul Hollywood

Anti-Asian violence has been ignored for too long. It’s time to wake up

The recent attacks are a product of years of prejudice

Stop warning women against walking alone at night. We’re not the problem

It’s men who need to change their behaviour

International Women’s Day is no longer about feminism, it’s about making money

If brands really want to support women they will do more than just a girl boss t-shirt and a £1 donation

TikTok needs to stop promoting unhealthy pro-anorexia content and ‘challenges’

Videos encouraging harmful eating behaviours are found too easily on the app

Your ‘jokes’ about losing weight in time for June 21st are just fatphobic, so stop

Find a new joke because this one was never funny

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Why is the Government talking about uni free speech when students can’t pay their rent?

We don’t need a ‘free speech champion’ – we need a mental health champion

We need to talk about the gay shaming from tabloids during the AIDS crisis

The Sun changed its homophobic It’s A Sin headline but that doesn’t change its gay shaming in the 1980s

Thank you RuPaul’s Drag Race: The show that brought LGBTQ+ stories to mainstream TV

‘Having something so unapologetically queer is a breath of fresh air’

It’s A Sin taught me more about LGBTQ+ history and sex education than school ever did

‘This is our history and we deserve to be taught about it’

32 million died in the AIDS pandemic but our remembrance is pitiful

This is just another example of how the UK chooses to remember its history

The government’s neglect of students has made university unbearable. I wish I never came

I am clinging on to the thought of life after university

It is time to unfollow influencers who are flouting lockdown rules

Going to Dubai for a holiday during lockdown is not essential and I’m sick of seeing it

A no detriment policy isn’t going to ruin the ‘integrity’ of my degree. It’s already ruined

So A-levels and GCSEs retain their integrity with added support but a degree cannot?