Lord Alan Sugar Twitter rant with people who work from home

Lord Sugar has gone on a wild Twitter rant slating people who work from home

He’s said everyone who wants to work from home are ‘lazy gits’ who watch tennis and golf 💀

Lord Sugar has gone on a wild Twitter rampage, slating everyone who works from home. It’s rich, because the majority of office workers have opted for at least some sort of hybrid working set up since the pandemic, so he’s not exactly holding back here.

It’s difficult to understand the context of his Twitter rant, because a lot of the tweets he has quote tweeted kicking it all off have been deleted or are from private accounts. However, Lord Sugar has called one person a “scum bag” and said anyone who works from home is actually opting to watch TV, over doing any work. He’s explicitly said he has turned down people applying for jobs with him, if they have requested to work from home, because they are “lazy gits”.

“Listen scum bag most who work from home watch more TV than work,” he said in one message. “There are a few exceptions but the majority are lazy gits. When some of my companies recruit the first question asked by some applicants is ‘can I work from home’ . They are shown the door.”

Also in the argument, he sent a tweet which read: “Lazy gits watching golf and tennis at home while they supposed to be working. We the tax payer are paying the. Get them back to the office or fire them.”

Someone has replied to this comment, saying there are scientific studies proving people who work from home are more productive, to which Lord Sugar said the studies must have been conducted by people who work from home.

“Many scientific studies have proven that people working from home are more productive than those who commute to work every day as many will work on through to complete a project in excess of they’re normal working hours and often complete projects ahead of allocated time frame,” someone said. Lord Sugar replied: “Who did the scientific studies. Scientists working from home?”

He later called someone a “thick pri..” and again called home-workers “lazy gits”. Yep, he means that one.

This is… messy?

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