Meet Polly: The 36-year-old British real estate agent from Selling The OC on Netflix

She wasn’t even a qualified real estate agent when Jason approached her to work for him

Selling The OC on Netflix might not have been out long, but the agents are already getting spoken about a lot. One of those is Polly Brindle, and yes, a lot of people are watching Selling The OC and getting confused about her accent. She’s literally just British.

But other than that, there’s a lot to get to know about the real estate agent, who opens up a lot about her life on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Polly Brindle, the British real estate agent causing a stir on Selling The OC.

Polly Brindle from Selling The OC on Netflix

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Selling The OC star Polly is 36 and originally from Yorkshire, UK

Polly Brindle is from Yorkshire in the UK, and made the move to America after being scouted for modelling work aged 15. She was born and raised in West Yorkshire, before moving to LA in 2011. In March this year, Polly gained her US citizenship.

Writing on Instagram, she said: “SO excited to finally be able to call the country I have lived in for over a decade, home. The security of knowing that the place I have my house, my dog, my friends and my career is officially official means more to me than most of you will know. I’m so grateful to be able to have this piece of paper to solidify my place in this amazing country and am acutely aware so many immigrants could only dream of this privilege. The year of the Tiger is my year…and boy, it sure is looking that way 🇺🇸.”

Polly worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years

Following being scouted aged 15, Polly worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She’s worked for brands such as Lancôme, Dior and Aston Martin. During her modelling days, Polly lived and worked in London, Paris, Milan, Germany and Barcelona, and it was from living in all these different cities that she grew a passion for architecture and design.

Polly is currently single, and tells the story of her ex-husband on Selling The OC

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Polly is divorced, and speaks about her ex-husband on the show, saying they broke up when she caught him cheating on her with sex workers. “All of my twenties, I was married,” she said during a dinner with her fellow cast members. She told them it was a “plane crash ending” to her marriage, when she saw photos of her husband with two other women. His identity isn’t known, and it looks as though Polly is single now.

Polly had moved to the US with her ex-husband, and after the divorce decided to stay in America for her career. Speaking to Women’s Health, she said after the split she picked up a number of side hustles including serving in and managing a restaurant, and managing an architecture firm. “I was kind of trying to find my feet of what my future looked like,” she said.

During the pandemic, Polly decided she wanted to work in real estate and was one of the first Selling The OC agents

In January 2021, Polly started to study for her real estate license, and she was still studying when she was offered the job at The Oppenheim Group by Jason. By February, Jason had signed her on as one of the first OC office agents. She was fully qualified by June, and the show began filming five months later.

Polly Brindle from Selling The OC on Netflix

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She has a net worth of $2million

From her work as a model and in real estate, Polly has earned an estimated net worth of around $2million. Not bad!

Polly has a really cute rescue dog

Polly lives on the west coast with her rescue dog, called Moose. He features on her Instagram a lot, and yes, he’s cute as hell.

via Instagram @pollybrindle

Polly has 13k followers on Instagram

She shares a lot of pictures from her luxurious life on Instagram – her on boats, modelling shoots, in restaurants and hanging out with friends. She currently has 13k followers, but her follower count has been rising dramatically each day since the show was released. Her handle is @itspollybrindle.

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