reading festival 2022 rain

People at Reading are sharing TikToks of their tents getting flooded and it’s chaos

Safe to say I no longer have FOMO

Festival season has been a real rollercoaster of weather this year, Boomtown and Boardmasters took place over some of the hottest days of the year. Now fast forward to today, just two weeks later, at Reading festival 2022 where people are facing torrential rain and their tents getting flooded.

Since yesterday campers have been arriving at Reading festival, and today a lot of the festival goers have shared what it’s really like being there in these weather conditions.

So put your rain coat on, here’s a round up of tweets and TikToks that will no longer make you jealous that you didn’t get a Reading festival 2022 ticket:

Please no, not the soggy socks

Finding it hard to feel sorry for the people who came to Reading with holes in their tent when the forecast said it was going to rain

Seriously, why are people bringing tents with holes

Need to try and save the festival outfits, at all costs

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, everyone make sure they have double layered tents for next year

These hilarious responses to Official Reading’s good morning tweet just sum it up

Missing the iconic silent disco has got to be one of the biggest heart breaks

This guy is simply not happy

Have to respect the dedication from these guys, leaving the festival to go buy a new tent. Work smarter, not harder

Months of outfit planning is ruined

Have fun sitting in the rain until the acts start tomorrow

Loving the positivity from these two

Casual flex x

This sucks

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