how to get alcohol into a festival tiktok

This TikTok hack shows how you can sneak alcohol into a festival in a sealed water bottle

Why did no one tell me about this before !!

This sealed water bottle hack from TikTok is the most ingenious way of sneaking alcohol into a festival, especially with Reading Festival coming up this weekend. Trying to figure out a way to sneak alcohol past security without it getting caught is the most stressful thing about attending any festival, second only to having to pitch your tent in the inevitable rain that blesses every British festival. Rip to everyone with early bird tickets at Reading Festival today.

Security are so in tune now to the age-old methods we’ve all used before and now a water bladder under your clothes, a hip flask strapped to your thigh or a hand-sanitiser bottle filled with spirit just aren’t going to cut it. But luckily for us all, a guy called Hector on TikTok has made a tutorial on a brand new way you can sneak alcohol into a festival in a fully sealed water bottle.

Hector demonstrates how by heating up a plastic water bottle until it is malleable, the lid and seal can be taken off one water bottle fully intact and placed onto another that you’ve filled up with spirit. It’s quite frankly nothing short of genius and I’m just annoyed I didn’t know about it sooner.

This is how to get alcohol into a festival using the sealed water bottle TikTok hack:

1. Purchase two identical sealed water bottles and some clear alcohol

2. Empty one of the water bottles and fill it up with your chosen spirit

3. Cut the top off the second water bottle- making sure the lid seal is still intact!

4. Boil some water on the hob and place your cut off water bottle top in the water

5. Boil the bottle top until the plastic becomes soft and malleable

6. Remove the bottle top from the water and carefully take off the lid, keeping the seal intact

7. Take the lid and twist it on your water bottle full of alcohol until it is sealed

And voila! You now have a sealed water bottle full of alcohol. Security will be none the wiser.

Featured image via TikTok

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