The British festival stereotypes of 2022: A starter pack guide

These are painfully accurate

Festival season is well underway, and this is the first year post-Covid that all the main British festivals are back as normal. Whilst Covid caused a lot of changes in the world, there is one thing that has stayed the same and that’s the festival stereotypes. Every festival you’ll go to this summer will have a very distinct vibe, whether that’s a “rah, where’s my baccy?” private school one, or a bunch of emos hanging out in a field.

These starter packs are a verified representations of the brazen individuals that you will find at festivals this summer. Be wary of the Corteiz girls at Wireless and anyone wearing kitten ears – they look like they’ll bite. You might think that you and your mates are different and can’t be reduced down to a stereotype but I promise that’s not the case, there’s a bit of all us in these starter packs:

















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