Quiz: Locate all these Russell Group unis on a map to prove you deserve to get into uni

Looks like I might need to resit some A-Levels


You’ve got your A-Level results and for many of you that will mean you’ve got yourself into a famous Russell Group university. Forget the months of revision you’ve done and all the hard work that went into your exams, the only real way to prove your superior academic abilities is by taking this quiz.

There are 24 Russell Group universities dotted throughout the UK. You’ve almost certainly heard of all of them but could you actually point to them on a map? Is Liverpool further north than Manchester? Do you know the difference between Glasgow and Edinburgh? Alright maybe those are easy ones. What about UCL and King’s and we haven’t even mentioned Imperial.

Prove you’re a geography fiend and that you deserve your place at your prestigious Russell Group uni by taking this quiz. The next 15 questions will define your academic prowess.

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