A personality quiz about Devi from Never Have I Ever on Netflix

Quiz: On a scale of zero to Devi in Never Have I Ever, how chaotic are you?

She’s our queen of chaos and I relate to every one of her bad decisions

Devi is the Netflix it girl. End of. She is the best character there has ever been in any teen drama, and nobody can tell me different. And that’s because we can all see a little bit of ourselves in Devi. She makes bad choices, just wants to be accepted, and has every cringe situation you dreaded happening to you at school happen to her back to back. But how similar to her are you really? The following quiz is going to tell you just how much of a Devi, like she is in Never Have I Ever, you really are.

A lot of what makes Devi the icon that she is, is how she reacts to social situations. Like, only Devi would react to Paxton becoming friends with his old flame by joining them at paint balling and holding her hostage at point blank range. And only Devi would turn up at her therapist’s with a “happy boyfriend” cake. Honestly, I adore her so much it hurts my soul.

So, it’s time to see how similar to our Netflix icon you are. In the quiz below you’ll be asked a series of questions, not too dissimilar to the situations Devi often finds herself in. At the end you’ll be given a percentage score of how much like her you are. May her reign of chaos continue. Enjoy!

Take this quiz to see how similar to Devi from Never Have I Ever you really are:

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