Never Have I Ever new cast members

Meet all the new cast members in season three of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

One of the new characters is Reese Witherspoon’s son!

Devi’s reign of chaos on Sherman Oaks is back for another season as the third instalment of Never Have I Ever dropped on Netflix on Friday 12th. The new season follows Devi navigate her junior year of high school with her new boyfriend, Paxton. Alongside Anirudh Pisharody who plays Des, three new minor characters have been introduced this season who play key parts in Devi’s and other characters’ journeys. From Reese Witherspoon’s son to fresh new faces, here is everything you need to know about the new cast members in Never Have I Ever season three:

Parker – Deacon Phillippe

Never Have I Ever fans are introduced to Parker during the debate competition between Sherman Oaks and Des’s private school. Parker is one of Des’s friends and is also on the debate team. If while watching you were scratching your head desperately trying to picture where you recognise Parker, it’s because he is none other than Reese Witherspoon’s son.

Deacon is 18 years old and Never Have I Ever is his first TV role as he has a music career he focuses on more. According to his official LinkedIn, Deacon has been signed to Sony Music Entertainment since April 2020. Talking about Deacon’s casting to Variety, Mindy Kaling said: “We were breaking the season and there was this role that seemed like it would be perfect for Deacon. He’s just such a well-raised kid. He’s so talented, he’s so funny and fits in perfectly with the cast.”

Addison – Terry Hu

Terry Hu plays Fabiola’s new love interest in the show, Addison. Never Have I Ever is Terry’s first Netflix role but they have a few other acting credits to their name. Most recently, they starred as A-Spen in the new Disney movie, Zombies 3. They also have a new film coming out on Paramount Plus called Honor Society, alongside royalty Baby Ariel. The 26-year-old is reportedly dating TV writer Asmita Paranjape who has previously written for Never Have I Ever.

Alex Felix – Haley

Alex Felix plays Paxton’s former best friend, Haley. Although she only features in a couple of episodes, she has a big impact on Devi and Paxton’s relationship. Besides Never Have I Ever, Haley has starred in HBO’s Minx as a model.

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