quiz to see if you should be with des ben or paxton from Never Have I Ever on Netflix

Quiz: Would you end up with Paxton, Des or Ben from Never Have I Ever on Netflix?

My mind is telling me Paxton, my heart is telling me Ben, but my mum is telling me Des!


In life you might make some pretty big decisions. But I’m very sure none of them will ever come as big as Devi Vishwakumar having to decide between Ben or Paxton in Never Have I Ever on Netflix. It is the biggest love triangle of modern times, so I am under no illusions that there is a single person out there who has not at least once considered if they would end up with Ben or Paxton from Never Have I Ever – so this quiz is about to answer that once and for all. Plus, this season saw the addition of Des in the mix, so your choice just got that one bit harder.

At one end of the spectrum is beautiful, carved-by-the-angels Paxton Hall-Yoshida. He looks like he’s straight out a Calvin Klein shoot and would sure as hell give you the best weekend of your life. He might not be the best boyfriend, because he’d probably ditch you to have pizza with the boys, but who cares when you’re talk of the school and get to have him on your arm for a while? And then there’s Ben Gross. Oh, Ben Gross. Potentially your arch nemesis, but potentially the best boyfriend you never had if you let him go. When you break down his mean one liners he has a heart of gold and would adore you. Des is completely different to these two. He appears to be smart, have good morals and be ready to be your king, but if mother doesn’t approve, it’s heading downhill.

It really is a tough call, I don’t know how Devi will ever deal with it. If only she had a quiz, just like the one below, to tell her who to chose. Lucky you do, so find out here.

Take this quiz to see if you would end up with Paxton or Ben from Never Have I Ever:

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