All the Islanders who have admitted they went on the show for money and fame

We have simply got to respect the hustle x


Love Island has been airing for eight years and it has become more popular each season and it isn’t just the fans of the show who know that. Out of the 30 odd Islanders who go onto the show each season, there is a handful of them who don’t actually go on for love, and are mainly on it for the fame and recognition instead.

Love Island has created some of the UK’s most successful influencers and models, and with that, each year we can easily spot who is on there to boost their career by gaining a couple hundred thousand followers. From OG seasons to the most recent, Love Islanders have admitted their real intentions behind going on Love Island, and for many of them, money and a boost in their career was the main reason.

Here are all the Love Islanders who have admitted they went on the show for money and fame:


Antigoni was on season eight of Love Island, and although having a brief connection with winner Davide Sanclimenti, she did not find love in the villa. Speaking on the Chuckie Online podcast, Antigoni discussed her reasoning for going onto Love Island. She said: “I signed a publishing deal when I was 14 and I thought by now I’d be like Dua Lipa on my third world tour, living my best life. If I’m being real with you the beginning of this year I’d hit a point where I was like ‘I’m broke’.

“Every single penny I’ve ever earned I’ve put back into music. Thankfully I live at home so that’s one thing that was off my chest. My parents who have always been supportive were starting to look at me sideways like ‘look we love you and we support you but is this going to happen? You need to make some money’.”

Antigoni realised she needed to do something to pursue her dream, and along came Love Island. “I thought, ‘Well you know what. I could go on this show, I’m going to catch a great tan, I might meet somebody amazing and it’s a platform that could help me.’ I look to people like Wes Nelson who is a credible musician. It doesn’t mean you have to live with the stigma of reality TV.

“I thought I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, might as well go. I obviously wanted to be there for longer than I was but in hindsight I don’t think there was anyone for me. So maybe it was better to keep it short and sweet,” she said.


Molly-Mae is arguably one of the biggest success stories to come out of Love Island, with a current estimated net worth of £6 million. She came second place in 2019 alongside Tommy Fury and although finding love in the villa, she called going onto Love Island a “business move”.

In a YouTube Q&A, Molly said: “Yeah I guess it kind of was a business move. I went on there not really bothered if I found love or not, I found love. When you’re not looking for something you find it. Out of all the girls, I was really chilled like, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, either way it’ll be a fun experience.”


Belle entered the villa during season five as a Casa Amor bombshell. In a podcast, her father revealed the real reason she wanted to go into the villa. During the podcast, he recalled the conversation between him and Belle, after she asked him to sort her going on to Love Island.

He said: “I’m thinking she wants to make her boyfriend jealous, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She said ‘I want 150,000 followers, I want a platform. I want five salons, I want to create my own makeup range and I want to float it and sell it to ‘L’Oréal for £100 million.’ And then before she went in, I said to her ‘look, if you don’t find love sweetheart, just go and have the best holiday of your life. And remember I’m f**king watching you’.”

In a recent appearance on Love Island Aftersun, Belle admitted she went on the show for a “free holiday”. When asked by Maya Jama what it’s like being a Casa Amor bombshell, Belle said: “100 per cent honest? I was there for a free holiday. I used to say it to the producers all the time and they were like, ‘Belle we are filming, you’ve got to do something’ and I was like listen, ‘I’m just here for the tan.'”

We have to respect the hustle.

Adam Collard

Adam made a surprising return to our screens in 2022, four years after initially starring on the show. It was widely assumed he went back on the show for money but he has since confirmed that was indeed his motivation behind his return. In a YouTube video, Adam revealed he was one of the many Love Islanders who went on the show for money and fame. He admitted he wanted a “piece” of the major success he has seen other Islanders like Molly-Mae receive.

Despite being glad he met Paige, even though they have not split up, his ultimate goal was to gain more recognition. He said: “Everyone who goes on Love Island – it’s series eight now – people know what is coming off the back of it. You are getting a few followers, if you have a business like me it’s going to help amplify that and that put you in a better situation and there’s going to be loads of really good opportunities afterwards.

“So yes, everyone comes on and says I am here to find love and that, yes you kind of are and obviously that is unreal but nobody is daft.”

Coco Lodge

Coco is one of the latest Love Islanders to admit they went on the show for money and fame. Coco was a Casa Amor bombshell in 2022 and was brought back to the main villa by Andrew but their romance didn’t last very long.

Speaking about her time in the villa, Coco told Olivia Blake she went on Love Island for the money. “I went on for the money,” she began. “I’ve always been honest about that. If I found love it’d be a bonus but I’m 28.”

She continued to say: “If anyone was like, ‘I went on it for love’. Come on honey, go on Hinge.”

Samie Elishi

Samie is one of the first 2023 winter Love Islanders to admit they went on the show for money and fame. After her split from Tom, a video of Samie went viral in which she admitted she went on Love Island for exposure.

Speaking on Chloe Burrows’ new Youtube show, Samie was asked if she went on love or for exposure. Samie said: “I’m going to be honest, mine was the second one. I didn’t expect to meet anyone.”

Samie didn’t seem too keen on Tom saying he went on the show to meet someone and sarcastically said: “It’s f**king Love Island.”

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