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Followers, makeup and millions: The real reason Belle Hassan wanted to go on Love Island

Tamer Hassan has recently spoken on a podcast about his daughter’s reasoning behind going on Love Island

Tamer Hassan, father of season five bombshell Belle Hassan, has revealed the exact reason why his daughter wanted to go on Love Island back in 2019. Belle entered the villa as a Casa Amor bombshell and coupled up with Anton Danyluk despite many, many arguments. Speaking on The Steven Sulley Study podcast, Tamer shared the conversation he had with Belle before she went into the villa where she explained why she wanted to go on the show and what she wanted to gain from it.

While the show was airing, Belle told her dad that she wanted to go onto the reality show, despite it having already started. He said: “She just turned up and went ‘dad I want to go on Love Island’. I’m like ‘what are you talking about?’. I thought the show had already started and I said, ‘look the show has already… you’re Tamer Hassan, ring the producers, I want to go in there’. And I was like, ‘before I do this Belle, what’s your game plan? Why do you want to go in there for? What’s your goal?’.”

He initially thought she wanted to go onto the show to make her boyfriend jealous but it was for a complete different reason instead. Tamer said: “I’m thinking she wants to make her boyfriend jealous, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She said ‘I want 150,000 followers, I want a platform. I want five salons, I want to create my own makeup range and I want to float it and sell it to ‘L’Oréal for £100 million.’ And then before she went in, I said to her ‘look, if you don’t find love sweetheart, just go and have the best holiday of your life. And remember I’m f**king watching you’.”

TikTok users have praised Belle in the comments on the video, which has amassed 990,000 views. One user said: “At least she was honest about it.” “Basically what everyone goes on to the show for! But she just said it how it is,” another said.

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