Angel Shot TikTok

Debunking the new Angel Shot trend you keep seeing all over your TikTok

It’s similar to the Ask for Angela campaign

The Angel Shot is currently trending across TikTok as people raise awareness about the drink order made to signal for help. Here’s everything we know about the Angel Shot trend from TikTok including where it came from and who can use it.

What is an Angel Shot?

The Angel Shot TikTok trend is going around on the app and it could potentially help you in your time of need. People assume it’s an alcoholic beverage but it’s actually a safe word people can use when they feel unsafe in a bar.


#pov you ask for angel shot but the bartender doesn’t know what that is #foryoupage

♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot – volcogot

According to Budget Branders, if someone asks for an Angel Shot then it’s code for feeling unsafe in some sort of way. The staff at the bar can then respond by helping them get out of there, or even by removing another person who is making them feel uncomfortable.

The Angel Shot hashtag on TikTok has millions of views

The Angel Shot hashtag has had over 134 million views.


Replying to @muchelefa The Angel Shot saga continues. Technically part 2 is on @Chris Barnett’s profile but this is part 2.5.

♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot – volcogot

It’s similar to the Ask for Angela campaign which was first formed in the UK. It was desgined to prevent sexual assault by urging people who felt unsafe in bars or clubs to Ask for Angela. Anyone who asks for Angela will then have a taxi called for them and be assisted in leaving safely and quietly.

Other safe words in bars are ordering a “virgin vodka” and a “tequila vodka”.

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