The biggest Stranger Things five theories about how the show will end according to Reddit

I need ALL of these to be true

Stranger Things four on Netflix was so good and as a result it got all of us excited for season five  – obviously. Since season four ended, fans have spent their free time coming up with endless theories about what could potentially happen in season five. So here are the best Stranger Things five theories from Reddit.

1. Eleven will sacrifice herself to save Hawkins and destroy the Upside Down

This one is probably the most predictable and obvious theory. All anyone spoke about when watching season four was the highly likely possibility Eleven would sacrifice herself to destroy the Upside Down once and for all. We all know Eleven opened the gate which allowed Vecna back into the world so obviously her powers will be the only thing to banish him and close the Upside Down.

2. The entire five seasons will be revealed as the kids’ Dungeons and Dragons campaign

One of the more controversial fan theories about Stranger Things’ season 5 ending suggests that the finale will reveal the entire series was just a Dungeons & Dragons campaign by Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas. This theory falls in line with the stereotypical imagined twist ending but it wouldn’t be fair to how Stranger Things’ emotional storylines have progressed. However, rather than making the entire plot of Stranger Things fake, the ending could still feature the grown-up or teenage versions of the characters playing another round of D&D after defeating the Upside Down.

3. Eleven and Will get together to defeat Vecna

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As we all know, Will has some sort of psychic connection to the Mind Flayer so we can assume he will play an important part in season five.

4. Kali will return and help defeat Vecna

Back in Stranger Things four episode one, the Hellfire Club face off against Vecna in Eddie’s final Dungeons and Dragons campaign and it falls to Dustin and Erica to take their final rolls of the dice to try and beat Vecna themselves. Dustin rolls the dice first and it lands on 11 which results in him losing to Vecna. Fans then clock a link between this and Eleven not being enough to properly kill Vecna for good. But this isn’t the end of the theory obviously. Erica gets the final roll and lands a 20 – this is where fans think Kali comes into it.

If you’ve forgotten, Kali is number Eight and was a Hawkins Lab child. She escaped at some point before the massacre and was a key role in Eleven’s season two storyline but unfortunately we haven’t seen her since. So the importance of Erica rolling a 20 is because both 11 and eight added together makes 19, right? And you need one to make 20. Suggesting that Eleven and Kali both have the combined powers of One meaning they are enough to defeat Vecna together. Eleven is telekinetic as we know and Kali has mind manipulation powers meaning she can create hallucinations and visions. Just like Henry Creel.

5. Will’s death kills Vecna and closes the Upside Down portal

Just like Eleven, season one began with Will’s connection to the Upside Down. One person on Reddit suggested Will is holding on to 1983, the year he went missing and the Upside Down froze. Therefore in order to defeat Vecna, Will must appreciate time has moved on and his friends have grown up.

6. Karen Wheeler is connected to the Creel family

One person on Reddit pointed out Karen’s character poster and having a bigger role in the story. Given her poster location was Victor Creel’s house. Some people have theorised she is Victor Creel’s sister and could have a larger role in season five.

7. Eddie isn’t dead

Stranger Things four deaths

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There are a bunch of theories about Eddie being alive but the best one is the fact the Duffer brothers literally said the demobats cannot kill. Ross Duffer said: “I wouldn’t worry about the bat thing. That’s more my thing. I have this thing. I’m worried about bats. That was just me, I was just fixating on bats the moment I wrote that.”

8. Will is the villain

The Duffer brothers have confirmed Will is going to have a huge part and focus in season five of Stranger Things, so now theories are going wild that he’s about to become a traitor and a villain. And to be honest, they make a scary amount of sense. Here’s how the theory to do with Will in Stranger Things works, and how people are predicting this will affect him moving forward in the show.

One TikToker, who often shares theories about the show, says: “I think that Will is going to have a really crucial spot in season five. I think there’s a good chance him and Eleven go toe-to-toe as Will is essentially going to be taken over by Vecna. There’s another element at play here, I believe the relationship between Vecna and Will is similar to that of Harry Potter and Voldermort.

“Hear me out. As soon as Will got back to Hawkins, he once again felt Vecna. When he was in California he felt more of himself and I think that’s why he was able to explore his sexuality a bit more, because he wasn’t worried about everything else that was going on around him. He wasn’t worried about the Upside Down.

“Now he’s back in Hawkins, you see him get the chills, you see him touch the back of his neck. It’s similar to how Harry Potter feels when Voldermort gets in his mind. Knowing that, it’s quite possible Vecna knows everything about Will’s friends because he’s inside Will’s mind. That would explain why Will was able to survive so long in the Upside Down in season one and his ties to the Upside Down in season two.”

The TikToker continues to say Will gets little screen time in season four which was done on purpose – so he could be brought back and thrown into the middle of everything.

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