Stranger Things fans have discovered these two plot holes from season four and I’m shook

One of these is so savage💀

Stranger Things four fans have come up with more theories than they’ve had hot dinners since it dropped on Netflix. But finally someone has spotted two plot holes and to be honest, they’re pretty big when you think about how they impact the story. Here’s a rundown of two different plot holes from Stranger Things four involving Eleven and Hopper.

Eleven shouldn’t be in the same class as Will

Okay this plot hole is actually really savage because when you boil it down it’s based on fans thinking she’s not smart. Anyway, the plot hole says Eleven is in the same year as Mike but in no way is she on the same academic level because she hasn’t had any sort of formal education prior to leaving Hawkins lab.

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In the first season of Stranger Things, Eleven couldn’t even use words properly and was only taught by Hopper for a year before joining school. Also if she was in an easier class, maybe she wouldn’t have been bullied for being different.

How did Hopper’s ankle heal so quickly??

Stranger Things four had a bunch of big stunts which resulted in little to no injury. For example Hopper and Murray’s litteral plane crash. Another example of something that physically doesn’t add up is Hopper’s ankle being shattered by him trying to bust off the chains.

He fractured it during his first attempt to escape the Russian prison and it somehow miraculously healed and didn’t cause him any problems. Not only that but he then escapes barefoot in the snow – how the hell does he not get frostbite??? It doesn’t make sense!

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