Stranger Things fans think The Simpsons predicted Vecna back in an episode from 1998

This is the best theory yet, end of

Fans of The Simpsons think Lisa might have witnessed a major event back in 1998 involving Stranger Things villain Vecna and fans are losing it.

This is easily the best theory yet, it says Vecna was predicted by The Simpsons all the way back in season nine which came out in 1998. The classic Simpsons episode shows Homer and Bart, and duo Cooder and Spud, who are working at a travelling carnival in Springfield.

Homer invites Cooder and Spud to stay at the family home. Marge is fuming and rightfully so when Spud and Cooder trick the Simpsons out of their home.

Spud tells Lisa: “Hey, check this out, I can unhinge my joints all at once. Doing anything tonight blue eyes?” And who else do we know that loves unhinging their joints? Every single Vecna victim!!

via The Simpsons

Stranger Things fans have been shaking since releasing this connection. In the show, Vecna literally lifts people into the air using his mind and pulls their joints out of shape. How do The Simpsons literally predict EVERYTHING?

The Duffer brothers are sooo talented, can’t believe they put Vecna in a 1998 episode of The Simpsons.

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