Omg! This really important moment from Stranger Things season one has been edited out

I’m so confused what was the point of this??

A while back the Duffer brothers announced some old scenes from Stranger Things have been re-edited and fans have already clocked one example involving Jonathan in season one.

It started when the Duffer brothers forgot an episode from season two referenced Will Byers’ birthday being March 22. When season four dropped fans were confused about Will and literally everyone else he knows forgetting his birthday. The Duffer brothers told Variety in June they’d have to go back and alter the episode so the error was no longer there. However now fans are clocking what’s actually changed and it’s pretty big. Here’s the first known edit.

The original scene showed Jonathan Byers sneakily taking photos of Nancy undressing. But instead it just cuts straight to Barb – this is how it worked.

At the start of season one, Jonathan Byers is shown as some sort of outcast, right? He spends loads of his time with his younger brother Will and his mum. He works after school and pretty much takes care of his whole family, acting like a parent for Will. Other people in his year, including Steve Harrington, bully him but Nancy Wheeler is the only one who’s actually nice to him.

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When he’s in the woods with his camera looking for clues about why Will disappeared and where he is, he hears a scream. After running toward the noise he realises it’s Nancy, Steve, Barb and some others at Steve’s house. Whilst Jonathan is hiding in the trees he starts taking photos of the group. Nancy and Steve then go upstairs and Jonathan takes photos of Nancy getting undressed through the window.

In the original clip Jonathan lowered the camera for a brief moment understanding he would be violating her privacy but then he raised the camera and took photos anyway. But now in the new version, we don’t see Jonathan take any photos of Nancy once her shirt is off. Instead it cuts straight to Barb.

Fans of the show have called this edit out saying the photos are a major part of Steve’s character arc and the demogorgon hunt. In the episode after this one, Steve is shown the photos Jonathan took and confronts him, calling him creepy and smashing his camera. So I guess people watching it will have to assume he just took the photos off screen.

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