Explained: Stranger Things five theory about Eddie and Kas from Dungeons and Dragons

Okay this is the most complicated one yet

Since Stranger Things four came to an end, fans have been searching for anything they can find about season five and one theory in particular is all to do with Eddie and Kas. Here’s the Kas and Eddie theory explained.

Eddie Munson sacrificed his own life in the Upside Down in order to keep Vecna’s demobats away from the main group. We kind of saw him die but anything is possible in Stranger Things and fans seem to believe he is actually alive. The demobats bit into him loads of times so we just have to kind of assume he bled to death, right? Everyone else in Hawkins believe he’s a murderer and beyond forgiveness so there’s not much he can do in terms of being back in Hawkins and living.

A fan on Reddit posted a theory claiming Eddie is similar to Kas, who is a traditional Dungeons and Dragons vampire who follows Vecna as a leader of his forces. But in the end, Kas betrays Vecna which is an important fact to remember from this theory.

Eddie has a load of tattoos of bats on his arm and some undead creature with puppet strings attached. So being killed by demobats is a hint that he could become a vampire. On top of this, Eddie was seen holding a spear and shield (trash-can lid) which links back to the sword and spiked shield Kas has too.

It’s a wild theory and it proves fans will believe anything that says Eddie is alive.

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