This Stranger Things 5 theory says Will turns against Eleven for some Mike Wheeler lovin’

I know what you’re thinking and no, Will’s bowl cut doesn’t have telekinetic powers

The Stranger Things theories have not stopped since the fourth season dropped on Netflix. Fans simply can’t get enough of them and to be honest, who can blame us? They are so good. Eddie being alive? Amazing theory! Ted Wheeler being in the CIA? I’ll take it!! The latest is all about Will Byers turning against Eleven out of jealousy for the sake of Mike Wheelers affection.

Earlier this month, Noah Schnapp confirmed Will Byers was gay and had feelings for Mike, his best mate. The latest theory says Will could become very jealous of Eleven’s relationship with Mike and things could get nasty. Here’s everything we know.

Will’s had a lot to deal with, right? Since season one this boy has been to hell, the Upside Down and back. He wouldn’t know peace if it smacked him round the face. But now on top of all of this, he’s dealing with the emotions of his sexuality and it’s hard. With season five on the way the Duffer brothers have confirmed Will is going to play a big part and fans are super excited.

In season four he’s navigating his sexuality and it’s not an easy watch. He got so upset every time Mike and Eleven became close and it was almost as though he was jealous of their relationship. He attempted pulling Mike away from Eleven but at the same time he hated seeing his best mate so visibly sad.

Mike isn’t able to understand Will’s feelings for him at this point so this could make Will turn against Eleven and take it out on her. There’s already a theory about him entering his villain arc so potentially he could be going head-to-head with Eleven herself. says Will could start to turn away from Eleven as he’s unable to stand being around her. Despite not wanting to fall out with her, his feelings for Mike might become too strong for him to ignore. Will may feel Eleven is a constant reminder of what he can’t have with Mike.

I can’t imagine Will and Eleven ever falling out but I guess it would make sense if the theory about him having a big part in season five and a villain arc is true.

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