There’s a fan theory about Ted Wheeler and maybe he’s not the most boring man on earth

The actor playing him has reacted!!

Ted Wheeler doesn’t get a lot of attention but he’s been in Stranger Things since the very start. He’s always been shown as the lazy, oblivious dad who falls asleep in front of the TV in his chair. He’s super laid back and emotionally detached from his family but this is what makes the theory work.

Here’s an explanation about the Reddit theory which suggests Ted Wheeler is actually in the CIA.

Okay so a Reddit user has come forward with a theory which says Ted Wheeler is actually a CIA agent and the Russians kidnapped him in exchange for knowledge on Dr. Brenner’s whereabouts. He was supposedly kidnapped at the fair after he and his wife Karen fought over his response to her remark about Hopper and Joyce making “an odd couple”. Karen looked super annoyed by his reply and supposedly left him to go home by herself.

The fan on Reddit claims the Russians knew about Ted being a CIA agent and took him to Russia intending to use him as a bargaining chip. How wild is that? Ted being so absent and laid back is apparently for the sake of keeping himself emotionally detached from his family so it doesn’t distract him from his job.

The actor who plays Ted Wheeler, Joe Chrest, has spoken about the CIA theory. He said: “A lot of the cast, pretty much from season two, have been encouraging the Duffers to get Ted more active in the show. The speculation that he’s with the CIA – is he part of it? Will it merge with the story? I’m very curious about that. With season five, I’d like to see, as would a lot of us, more of Ted. But as the show has progressed, I’m starting to feel like we’re not going to see that. There’s so many stories to tell right nwo that need to be tied up. It doesn’t seem like there’s room for a Karen-and-Ted story.”

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