A scientific ranking of who Nancy Wheeler *should* end up with in Stranger Things five

I’d rather she dated Vecna than Jonathan at this point

If there’s one thing Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things can’t do it’s pick a partner. She’s chopped and changed between Steve and Jonathan numerous times and right now having watched season four, it seems like she’s going to return to Steve pretty soon. But because she can’t make up her mind, here’s a ranking of who she should end up with at the end of Stranger Things.

4. Jonathan Byers

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It’s no secret that Nancy Wheeler doesn’t set our world on fire. In fact the best Wheeler family member is probably Karen even though both her children are both insanely boring. So the fact Nancy is even with Jonathan actually drains my heart and soul from any crumb of life.

Also have we forgotten he literally took photos of her whilst hiding in the bushes? Creepy energy, it’s weird their together now!!

3. Vecna

Surprise! I’d rather have Vecna and Nancy together than Jonathan Byers, end of.

2. Steve Harrington

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A lot of hardcore Stranger Things fans would die at the hands of Vecna if it meant they could see Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington back together. But let’s be honest, it’s the obvious choice for season five.

In the first season, Steve and Nancy got pretty close and got into a relationship – at this point Steve was pretty awful. He made some horrendous decisions and even called Nancy a slut and threw punches at Jonathan Byers. For some reason Nancy stays with him but they eventually break up in season two.

Now we’ve watched season four and it’s clear there’s something between them but it’s so predictable at this point. Steve sharing how he dreams of having a family of six kids with her – boring!! Let’s get onto who Nancy should actually start paying attention to.

1. Robin Buckley

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Robin and Nancy are the only couple who could potentially beat Jopper as the best couple in the history of Stranger Things. They didn’t start out as great friends but it really didn’t take them long before they became close and stole our hearts.

Robin is the underdog here, I know, but her and Nancy together would be iconic. Give the fans what they want!!

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