Stranger Things’ Joe Keery originally auditioned to play Jonathan and we all just forgot

Did anyone remember this?? Wtf

Stranger Things gave us Steve Harrington and for that we will always be grateful. Fans simply cannot imagine the show without Steve being played by Joe Keery and this is why I think we all chose to forget about the fact it almost didn’t happen.

We were all introduced to Joe Keery as Steve Harrington back in 2016 in season one. Steve was in his school bully era and it’s fair to say he’s grown into being a fan favourite. In 2017 Joe had an interview with Vulture which was where he first said about first auditioning for the role of Jonathan Byers. But for some reason we all forgot and now fans are shook all over again.

Speaking about his original audition, Joe told Vulture: “Pretty basic. It’s kind of funny. I sent a tape in, didn’t really hear anything for a while, and then two months later they were like, ;They want you to tape for this other role.’ I taped for Jonathan originally and then taped for Steve and then Skyped the brothers and then waited two weeks and then found out that I got it. I was waiting tables at the time and then found out that I got it and had to go back inside and wait more tables. So it was pretty bizarre, pretty cool. Definitely a life-changing moment. Obviously you don’t really know what the show is or what it’ll be, but just to have any sort of steady job.”

Obviously the role went to Charlie Heaton but it’s wild to think about Joe Keery playing Jonathan Byers. Joe said at the time he didn’t even think he had the right look for Jonathan and then he auditioned for Steve and he felt as though he had a better understanding of that character.

Not only that but the Duffer brothers intended to kill Steve off in season one so Joe Keery has really been through it to get Steve where he is now.

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