Omg, someone’s found Papa from Stranger Things dad dancing in a Jonas Brothers video

Ngl, it’s the video for their biggest bop as well

Matthew Modine, who plays Papa on Stranger Things, actually featured in a Jonas Brothers music video and fans are losing their minds.

The Jonas Brothers paid homage to some of the most popular 70s and 80s movies in their music video for What a Man Gotta Do. The three brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin filmed with their wives and Matthew Modine to create the best video the internet has ever seen.

In the music video, Matthew Modine watched dancing couples and eliminated them. His scene took inspiration from Grease.

For a little treat, if you skip to two mins 30 seconds you can see Matthew Modine tapping his feet. But be prepared for part of you to die inside as a result of how wholesome and sweet his dad dancing is.

The music video was released on January 17 2020 and it’s so good. This isn’t the first music video Matthew has appeared in though. Back in 1985 he was in Madonna’s Crazy For You and Gambler. And then more recently in 2017 he was in Logic’s video for 1-800-273-8255 where he plays a father coming home to see his son in bed with another boy. It’s a really hard hitting video but totally worth a watch.

Big thank you to whoever found the video of Papa dad dancing to the Jonas Brothers – he now has icon status.

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