Stranger Things fans say they’ve worked out who the next monster is based on D&D rules

Umm, this new monster plus Vecna sounds terrifying

Stranger Things four gave us Vecna and he is easily the worst villain by far. But now hardcore fans and avid Dungeons and Dragons players have guessed who the next potential monster who torments Hawkins is and they sound terrifying.

A Dungeons and Dragons expert on Reddit has analysed all the D&D references in relation to Stranger Things’ Vecna. After going through the history of Vecna, the experrt runs through the Duffer brothers’ nods to Vecna in Dungeons and Dragons lore. The Reddit thread names the lesser-known D&D demon, Zuggtmoy. Here’s the theory explained and everything we know about Zuggtmoy.

Zuggtmoy is the demon queen of Fungi

So Argyle found a weird mushroom right before Will felt Vecna, right? Well according to this Reddit thread, Zuggtmoy has a thing about blighting life around her, which could be why the flora died. So for context for anyone who doesn’t know much about D&D, the demon queen of Fungi has the ability to release infestation spores and mind-control spores.

In the final episode of Stranger Things four, during the final few minutes, we see Vecna has successfully destroyed the barrier between the Upside Down and Hawkins. Just before the final credits roll, the main Stranger Things cast look out across the valley to see a dead Hawkins and loads of red thunder in the sky.

Stranger Things has put two and two together with Argyle finding a mushroom and a destroyed Hawkins as being the upcoming arrival of the demon queen of Fungi.

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