‘We’ve already spoken about dates’: Danica and Jamie talk Love Island and what’s next

Jamie has invited her round to his nan’s for a Sunday roast 🥺

Last night on Love Island saw Danica and Jamie as the latest Islanders to get dumped. A public vote for the most compatible couples made them vulnerable, and after the bottom three couples were announced, they were sent packing.

Love Island life wasn’t exactly easy for Danica, with her going through something like six guys before finding Jamie and coupling up with him. So, what have they thought about their journey? Who are they backing to win? Here’s what Danica and Jamie had to say in their exit interview, about their time on Love Island and what is happening next for them.

Jamie and Danica have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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‘I had the most incredible experience’

Reflecting on her Love Island time, Danica said she has made friendships for life, and didn’t want it to come to an end. “There is so much there to experience and it’s hard when you have to say goodbye,” she said. “Good things do come to an end and I had the most incredible experience, I’ve made friendships for life and I am hopeful for the connection I’ve come out with. That’s what the aim of the game is, to find love and I think I could potentially have found that with Jamie.”

‘My eye was always on Danica and she’s even better in person’

Jamie has admitted he came in wanting Danica, so is happy he has left with her. “My eye was always on Danica,” he said. “She’s even better in person than on camera – and she looks good on camera. The first time we started talking I could tell there was a connection. We bounced off each other, laughed and joked. It was good.”

He added that what drew him to Danica is her confidence, and how bubbly and stunning she is. Cute!

Jamie and Danica have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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How does Danica feel about Billy now?

Danica and Billy had a bit of a connection, before a row at the vibes club and he was voted out. “Billy was my type of paper and he fitted that category,” Danica said. “He had so much energy and he matched my energy. There was definitely a vibe there but because of how Casa Amor went, he went his way and I went my way but there were times where I’d look at him and think he looked good today.

“It was only until the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge when he didn’t snog me or marry me and it was the realisation that this guy was not invested in me whatsoever. We did speak about it and he said he regrets trying to be funny rather than consider my feelings. I got the message and we spoke about it. Even though I wasn’t head over heels for Billy, I did let my guard down and I was very much open to exploring it romantically and he wasn’t. His loss at the end of the day!”

Danica and Jamie have already planned dates – and they’re adorable

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When asked if he plans to carry things on with Danica after Love Island, Jamie said: “Definitely – there’s no reason why not. That doesn’t change the connection we have. We’ve already talked about a few dates we’re going to tick off the list. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside 100 per cent.”

And yes – they already have dates lined up. Jamie said they’re heading out for “a nice meal, we’re going to go clubbing afterwards” and they’ve got “some more fun things lined up like go-karting and The Cube in Manchester. Just loads of fun stuff, mix it up, not too serious.”

He also said he can’t wait to get Danica involved in family traditions. He sees his Nanna every Sunday for a roast, and he wants Danica to get in on that. “I’m sure she’ll like my Nanna’s cooking. Can’t beat my Nanna’s cooking,” he said. Oh and of course, he said he wants Danica to be a cheerleader when he plays football. Classic.

Danica added: “It’s still early days for me and Jamie but we just clicked. I remember the first night he came in and we were just talking. I didn’t know anything about him, I didn’t know where he lived, his family or his career but we’d spoken all night. I felt his energy and that he really liked me and wanted to get to know me for me – that is a feeling that I hadn’t felt with any of the other guys. When you know, you know and my gut was telling me that this guy likes me and wanted to get to know me. We get along, it’s just easy and natural and doesn’t feel forced. We both bring out the best in each other.”

Jamie and Danica have been dumped from Love Island 2022

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Who do Jamie and Danica think will win Love Island 2022?

Danica said her best friend in the villa was Indiyah, so she’s “backing her girl” with Dami. “I would love them to win, I think they deserve it,” she said. “They’ve been on a journey and I think it was always clear the connection was there from the get-go. But I have a feeling that Ekin-Su and Davide may be taking the crown. They’ve both been huge characters – they have been entertaining to say the least. I’m still backing Indiyah and Dami all the way.”

When asked who he’s backing, Jamie said Davide and Ekin-Su. “They’ve been through a lot and you can see they still gravitate towards each other,” he said. “They’re constantly laughing and joking. There’s obviously something there.”

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