‘She was glam and everyone knew who she was’: What Ekin-Su was like at university

Let’s make no mistake, she loved a night out


Since we’ve been getting to know Ekin-Su on Love Island and again on CBB, it’s clear she is the drama queen of our hearts – but she hasn’t just become like this, it sounds as though she was always an icon, right from her university days.

Yep, people who knew her from her uni days have said she was glam, popular and “always wanted to be famous”. And here she is, on one the biggest dating shows in the UK. You have to admire her. Here’s a deep dive into what Ekin-Su was like at uni.

Before Love Island, Ekin-Su studied performing arts at university

Ekin-Su has a degree from The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). Nobody should be shocked that our drama queen studied performing arts – what else did we expect?

A video of one of her uni projects has resurfaced and it shows that, as part of her degree, Ekin-Su created a reality TV show called “Lancashore” following the lives of students. From when the posts were uploaded, which were apparently in her first year, it looks as though she started at uni in 2012.

In the video, it’s meant to be a recreation of a pres in uni halls. Ekin-Su and her flatmates are discussing people who are coming round, and when everyone arrives they play Never Have I Ever. Classic. Ekin-Su graduated in 2015.

Ekin-Su went by a different name, and clearly loved a night out

Around the time Ekin-Su was at uni, she went by the name “Susie Hayzel” and posted loads of pictures from her wild nights out. In some of the pictures she poses with friends in what looks like her uni halls. Ekin-Su is definitely channeling her inner 00s girl, with the trends we were all guilty of doing – like big, bold eyeliner and paper-thin eyebrows. Her lips appear less full and her hair is completely different. I’m obsessed with her all dressed up ready for a messy Halloween night.

‘She was popular and quite glam for a student’

Speaking about Love Island star Ekin-Su at university, a source told The Sun Online: “She was nice enough, popular with the guys and quite glam for a student. There was always drama surrounding her. She was a character and had high expectations. She liked to be wined and dined with the thought that the guy should always pay.”

Another source from her uni days spoke to MailOnline about her at university, and her following Love Island transformation. They said: “Ekin-Su was definitely a character. Everybody knew who she was at university, and she made sure of that. We only ever knew her as Susie though and it was a surprise when she started going by the name Ekin-Su. She had a strong Essex accent at university, which has changed a lot since she pursued her acting dreams in Turkey.

“Ekin-Su always wanted to be famous, she studied performing arts and after uni competed in Miss World, Miss Ireland, and Miss Central London beauty pageants, so being on Love Island suits her.”

Ngl, I wish I’d been at uni with her.

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