This is who all the dumped Islanders from this year think will win Love Island

‘Davide and Ekin-Su, they’re like an old married couple’

The Love Island 2022 final is just days away, Islanders who aren’t in couples have long been dumped, and the time to find out who is going to win the show will soon be upon us.

We’ve asked a relationship expert who will win, analysed the couples’ Instagram followers to see who is the most popular and therefore could win, but now it’s time to get the insider scoop from those who know them best – the Islanders who have been in the villa with them. Here’s what the dumped Islanders all had to say, and at the bottom a roundup to show who is the most popular couple with them, overall.

Afia Tonkmor

Who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2022

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On day eight, Afia became the first Islander to be dumped from the villa this year. When asked who she thinks will go the distance, Afia said Luca and Gemma. She said Amber and Dami also stood a chance, adding: “It’s such early days but those two felt like the most solid couples.” She was clearly very wrong and Amber and Dami, lol.

Remi Lambert

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In his exit interview, Remi said he thinks Tasha and Andrew will go on to win. “The strongest connection in the villa has to be Tasha and Andrew,” he said. “They look great together.”

Ikenna Ekwonna and Amber Beckford

Who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2022

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Ikenna and Amber left the villa together, in a double dumping. Ikenna said at the time he is backing Luca and Gemma, he said: “Luca’s gone above and beyond to sleep in the Dog House when Danica picked him. He genuinely likes her.” As the pair were voted out, Danica had just arrived and made the shock decision to couple up with Luca.

Amber agreed with Ikenna, and said: “I definitely think Luca and Gemma are a strong couple – I think how he reacted with Danica coming in was great and helped Gemma trust Luca even more. I love them two together. I think the whole villa could see the connection between them before they even got together.”

Charlie Radnedge and Antigoni Buxton

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Up next to leave were Charlie and Antigoni, on day 25. Charlie was backing Paige and Jacques to win when he left, so sorry Charlie, but you’ve got this one way off. Antigoni said: “I’m rooting for Indiyah and Dami. I love them. They’re so sweet together. I genuinely think all the couples that are together are really, really genuine. Tasha and Andrew have a really amazing connection.”

Who do all the dumped Casa Amor Islanders think will win this year?

Who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2022

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Each of the six dumped Casa Amor Islanders were asked who they think could win Love Island 2022. Across the board, all six of them said Luca and Gemma. Mollie, Cheyanne, Jazmine, Jack, George and Samuel all said they are the strongest couple.

Jack Keating said Luca and Gemma are “rock solid” and Samuel added: “The strongest couple is definitely Luca and Gemma because they were the only couple that stayed true to themselves, they passed the test with flying colours.”

Jay Younger and Chyna Mills

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After Casa Amor, the next people to be dumped were Jay and Chyna. Jay has said on Twitter he’s backing Ekin-Su and Davide, and that’s exactly who he said upon his departure from the villa, too. “They’ve really done well,” he said of the couple.

Awkwardly, Chyna and Jay’s exit came before Jacques left the villa and Adam cracked on with Paige, so Chyna might want to rethink some of her predictions. When asked who she thinks could win, she said: “Definitely Luca and Gemma, Jacques and Paige and Davide and Ekin-Su.”

Josh Le Grove and Coco Lodge

Who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2022

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“I think the most genuine couple are Gemma and Luca,” Coco said. “Those two are joined at the hip, they’re obsessed with each other and it’s really sweet. Davide and Ekin-Su, they’re like an old married couple – they’re fighting one second and making a carbonara the next. And then Dami and Indiyah – Indiyah is such a stunning, beautiful human and Dami is lovely as well, I can really see them working on the outside.”

Josh added: “I feel like the most genuine would have to be Davide and Ekin-Su because you see them argue like any other couple would and then you see them come back to each other.”

Billy Brown and Summer Botwe

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Laura came and crashed the Islanders’ day and night out at the vibes club, and a public vote saw Dami, Billy, Danica and Summer in the bottom four. It was then down to Islanders to choose a boy and a girl to dump, and they sent Billy and Summer packing.

Summer was definitely wronged by Dami during her time, but speaking of it all, she still said he and Indiyah should win. “Despite the situation, I do think Dami and Indiyah’s connection is very genuine and I am rooting for them to win the show,” she said. “I don’t think other couples are as genuine as them, I am rooting for them all the way.”

But what did Billy say? “They’ve all got something good. Honestly at the moment, I think Paige and Adam because things are moving quickly for them. Or Ekin-Su and Davide!”

Deji Adeniyi, Lacey Edwards, Nathalia Campos and Reece Ford

Who the dumped Islanders think will win Love Island 2022

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In a shocking double couple dumping, Deji, Lacey, Nathalia and Reece were all sent packing in one night. They are the most recent people to be dumped from the Love Island 2022 villa, so can provide a good insight into who should win, based on where couples are right now.

Deji was in there for a while, and he thinks basically everyone could win, which is helpful. “Every couple is very strong,” he said. “Davide and Ekin-Su – the break ups and mayhem… that fiery energy is what they have and they have what it takes to win it. Obviously we’ve seen Tasha and Andrew become official… Gemma and Luca have been strong from the beginning. Dami and Indiyah have had their ups and downs as well but I feel like the ups and downs of Davide and Ekin-Su has been an absolute movie, so I feel like they could win.”

When asked who she thinks are strong, and which couple should win, Lacey said: “Ekin-Su and Davide, I love them or Indiyah and Dami. They are all really strong but I am backing Ekin and Davide.”

Despite her fallouts with Ekin-Su over her fancying Davide, Nathalia is actually backing them to win. “Davide and Ekin-Su have a very good chemistry, they get along very well, they are also very entertaining so I think they have a very big chance of winning the show,” she said.

Reece added that to him, most likely to win is Luca and Gemma. He said: “I think personally Luca and Gemma. They seem like the most genuine and compatible. I can see it working the most out of all of the couples on the outside. There’s some strong couples. Obviously Ekin-Su and Davide are quite strong as well. I’d say them two.”

So, which couple is going to win Love Island 2022, based on the opinions of the dumped Islanders?

Luca and Gemma – 13 votes

Davide and Ekin-Su – Nine votes

Indiyah and Dami – Four votes

Tasha and Andrew – Three votes

Paige and Adam – One vote

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