The Gray Man ending explained

The Gray Man ending explained: What happens to Six and Claire at the end?

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The Gray Man is the latest movie from the Russo brothers to drop on Netflix. It stars Ryan Gosling as Six who works as an operative for the CIA. It’s not the clearest movie and the ending has a bunch of layers to it so here it is explained.

The Gray Man ending explained

The Gray Man is essentially all building up to a big fight between Sierra Six and Lloyd Hansen, a psychopath hired by the CIA to kill Six.  At the beginning of the movie, Six is in prison for killing his abusive dad. He’s one day visited by Donald Fitzroy, head of the CIA, who offers him freedom. He promises to get Six out of prison if he comes to work for the CIA as a black ops agent.

Fitzroy, via Netflix

Six is hired to kill Four, another member of the Sierra programme. Before Four dies, he gives Six a necklace which has a data card and holds incriminating evidence showing the bad activities of the CIA. The card is then stolen by someone else and at the same time Claire, the 12-year-old niece of Six’s handler is kidnapped by Lloyd Hansen and his men.

Does Six die in The Gray Man?

After a big shoot out scene, Six’s ally Dani is able to get the data card back. Six then finds himself one-to-one with Lloyd in the middle of a maze – yes, the absolute worst place to be with a psychopath.  At the start of their encounter, Lloyd has the 12-year-old niece of Six’s handler at gunpoint and agrees to let her go so he can fight it out with Six. Their final fight happens with fists and not weapons, although Lloyd stabs Six and comes very close to drowning him before Six strangles him almost to death.

At the end of the movie Suzanne Brewer from the CIA comes in and shoots Lloyd in the chest ultimately killing him. She also shoots Six in the leg and tells him she’s going to pin all of the dodgy CIA action on Lloyd so it clears her name.

Does Six go back to prison?

Suzanne tells Six she’s going to send him back to prison but will also let him out sometimes when she needs a hitman. However Six doesn’t end up going to prison. He’s in a high-security hospital with his wounded leg when he escapes. He then travels to the house where Claire is being held and shoots the guards holding her under house arrest.

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