If Stranger Things characters went to UK unis this is exactly where they would go

Vecna would study economics at Durham

If the Stranger Things characters were living in the UK rather than Hawkins, in 2022 rather than the 1980s, what would they be like? I know this question has plagued your every waking thought since Stranger Things four dropped this summer. As luck would have it, here’s a definitive list of which UK uni all the Netflix show’s characters would go to, what they would study there and what they would be like.

For example, Mike would live in nothing but quarter zips in Bristol and his mum would send him weekly Waitrose deliveries. Max would go to Leeds and throw the coolest house parties in her basement. Robin would go to uni in Brighton purely so she can finally date women, and Erica would live in a house covered in fairy lights at Newcastle Uni. Oh, and Vecna would study economics at Durham, before moving to Clapham, obvs.

This is which UK uni all the Stranger Things characters belong at:

Max – Leeds

Okay Max is one huge vibe, and she would THRIVE at Leeds. Max would deck out the basement of her Hyde Park student house to the absolute, well, max, and would always throw the best and coolest grungy house parties. She’d never be out of her flares and cargos and would fall in love with a rugby boy, but after graduating and moving back home would get back together with Lucas.

Mike – Bristol

Mike is the walking, talking definition of a siggy ring. He’d spend his time at Bristol pretending he didn’t go to private school and isn’t a massive Tory. Bristol is full of people who think they’re cool but are actually lame, and that is Mike all over. He’d live in quarter zips and his mum would send him weekly Waitrose deliveries. He’d study something posh that sounds impressive but isn’t, like art history.

Eleven – York

Eleven would want a quiet life after all the stress and opt to York, where pretty much the only interesting thing is that the campus has a huge lake and loads of geese. Riveting. She’d go to Mike’s every weekend (but tells Hopper it’s only once a month) and spends the rest of every week ignoring her housemates, not making any of her own friends and just pining for Mike.

Robin – Sussex

Robin would study psychology at Sussex in Brighton. She’d choose to go there so she could properly ✨find herself✨ and (finally!) get the chance date women. Robin would absolutely thrive in Brighton and end up never moving home when she graduates, instead finding a flat  there to move into with her girlfriend.

Eddie – Sheffield

When Eddie heard that Sheffield is the home of a whole load of musicians, including the Arctic Monkeys, he knew there was only one uni for him. He’d study music, naturally, and play the guitar to any girl he managed to bring back to his.

Steve – Loughborough

Everyone’s favourite himbo Steve Harrington could only belong at Loughborough. He’d do precisely zero studying and instead spend his uni days playing every single sport under the sun. The ultimate rugby boy, Steve would be the club’s social sec and plan the most wild events. He’d not even manage to scrape a 2.2, but would still be proud of himself for it.

Dustin – Manchester

Dustin would go to Manchester – but, like, the clever Manchester, not the edgy and cool Manchester. Super smart, witty and firey, Dustin would love a Manchester night out listening to Oasis songs, but somehow be in the library at 9am the next day ready for a full-day study session. He’d get a First on every single thing and always be there to help his mates with their coursework, and would build some kind of groundbreaking robot as part of his dissertation.

Will – Lancaster

Will’s as smart as Dustin but just not cut out for big city life in Manchester, soz. Where’s the only place even more boring than York, where Eleven’s going? Lancaster. It’s a really good uni and Will would absolutely thrive in the library. At the end of his science degree he’d realise drawing is actually his calling, and move to Brighton so he can take art classes and finally go to a decent gay club.

Lucas – Nottingham

Lucas is clever like the rest of the Stranger Things gang, but with one crucial difference – unlike the rest of them, he’s actually kind of cool. This is why he would go to Nottingham – it’s a good uni and not that lame, but also nowhere near as cool as where Max and Erica are going. The perfect middle ground for Lucas, who would play basketball for the uni and simply live for Wednesday sports’ night every week.

Nancy – Oxford

Only the best for Nancy, so of course she ends up in Oxford. During her time there, she edits every single one of the student newspapers and is constantly weighing up which uni she’s going on to do her journalism Master’s at.

Jonathan – UAL

Despite what Nancy wants, Jonathan couldn’t think of anything worse than going to Oxford Brookes. Instead, he studies photography at University of the Arts in London and moves to Camden. He and Nancy have a teary break up two months into first year, both of them using “the distance” as their excuse for it, despite the train between London and Oxford taking under one hour.

Erica – Newcastle

Erica would live and breathe Newcastle University. She’d live in an all-girls house in Jesmond, which is absolutely covered in fairy lights and IKEA candles, and go out four times a week – her drink of choice being vodka cran. She’d have a successful Depop side hustle and would never be afraid to absolutely rinse difficult customers in her DMs.

Vecna – Durham

He’s posh, he’s mean, he probably has a siggie ring somewhere in all those vines. Vecna would study economics, naturally, and after his degree would move to Clapham.

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