Surprise! These are the mega posho private schools Boris Johnson’s cabinet went to

60 per cent went to private schools

We’ve found out they are all minted, so is it any surprise that 60 per cent of Boris Johnson’s cabinet went to private school?

Of his saturated 23-man cabinet, 14 ministers went to posh fee-paying schools. When you consider that only six and a half per cent of the population attend private school, Boris Johnson’s cabinet are nine times more likely to have attended private school than the general population.

In fact, in Boris’ three rollercoaster years, he’s managed to double the proportion of privately educated cabinet minsters making Theresa May’s 30 per cent privately educated cabinet seem almost progressive.

With fees similar to a deposit on a small house, playing fields as far as the eye can see and of course the most ridiculously named school houses and customs, here’s a look at all the private schools Boris Johnson’s cabinet went to:

Boris Johnson – Eton

Boris Johnson's cabinet private school

via SWNS

Starting with Big Dog, it is of course incredibly on brand of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel to have gone to Eton. The exclusive boys-only boarding school is a breeding ground for Tory MPs. Situated just outside of London in Windsor, alongside Tory MPs, some of its most well-known alumni include Prince William, Prince Harry, Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne.

Jacob Rees-Mogg — Eton

Boris Johnson's cabinet private school

via YouTube

Next off the Eton conveyor belt is Brexit minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who you wouldn’t at all be able to tell went to Eton. Fees at Eton are a cool £15,432 per term, which works out to £46,296-a-year or almost double the UK average salary. But don’t worry it’s great value for money!

The Eton website explains the school fees includes “tuition, board and lodging” which in normal English means lessons, food and accommodation. However, be warned the school fee does not include extras such as boat club membership. Nightmare.

Kwasi Kwarteng – Eton

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Might as well knock off all the Old-Etonians. Business secretary, Kwasi also spent his teenage years in a black tailcoat, white tie and striped pants (the top hat only comes out for special occasions) but to be fair to Kwasi, he won a scholarship to Eton.

Nadhim Zahawi – King’s College School

Our new Chancellor, Nadhim went to private school in leafy Wimbledon in south-west London. Founded by King George IV in 1829, pupils currently pay £21,930-a-year to attend. When you get to year 9, the fees jump up a bit further to £24,255. For that money, you get a cryptic, all-encompassing Latin motto “Sancte Et Sapienter” and six different school houses with names like Alverstone and Glenesk.

Ben Wallace – Millfield

What do defence secretary, Ben Wallace and Love Island contestant, Andrew Le Page have in common? They both went to Millfield obviously! The Somerset private school offers boarding and day fees and boasts a strong line-up of young British celebrity alumni including Lando Norris and Romeo Beckham.

Steve Barclay – King Edward VII School

Steve Barclay swooped in as our new health secretary to prop up Johnson’s cabinet after Sajid Javid’s resignation and as such added another privately educated minister to the cabinet. Steve Barclay went to King Edward VII school in Lytham St. Annes in Lancashire. The school has since merged with a local girls independent school and in 2012 amalgamated with another private school and is today called AKS Lytham.

Alok Sharma – Reading Blue Coat School

Bargain alert. Reading Blue Coat School is just £18,915-a-year which is somehow one of the cheapest private schools on the list. Alok Sharma is the President for COP26, who has called on the Tory leadership candidates to support the “net zero agenda” warning those who don’t are “economically illiterate”.

Kit Malthouse – Liverpool College

Boris Johnson's cabinet private school

via Sky News

Liverpool College is now an academy after it admitted a “shrinking” number of parents could shell out for the expensive fees. Rest assured when Kit Malthouse, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (what is that??) was there, it was a fully-fledged private school.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan – St Paul’s Girls School

Boris Johnson's cabinet private school

via BBC

Double barrelled names and private schooling go hand in hand. International trade secretary, Anne-Marie is an Old-Pauline having gone to one of London’s most prestigious independent day schools. Annual fees clock in at £27,792. However somehow that doesn’t include the cost of textbooks or life drawing classes for that matter.

George Eustice – Truro School

“Esse quam videri” – To be, rather than to seem to be. I have no idea if environment secretary, George Eustice, has taken it on board but that’s the pretentious motto his private school went with. Truro School is Cornwall’s largest co-educational private school offering both boarding and day school options.

James Cleverly – Colfe’s

Boris Johnson's cabinet private school

via Sky News

New education secretary, James Cleverly, sampled two south London private schools because one wasn’t enough. Initially going to Riverston School, he spent the majority of his education at Colfe’s in Lee. Colfe’s is a mixed school where students can be privately educated from nursery right up until sixth form. Current secondary school pupils pay £18,300-a-year to attend.

Alistair Jack – Glenalmond College

Alistair Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, at least attended his all-boys private boarding school in Scotland. Founded 175 years ago, it now offers a day school option and is mixed. Set in the countryside, extra-curricular activities include climbing mountains and canoeing on local lochs.

Robert Buckland – St Michael’s School

Welsh secretary, Robert Buckland, went to the same school as singer and BBC Radio DJ, Cerys Matthews. That’s about the most exciting alumnus they’ve got. It won The Sunday Times 2018 Welsh Independent Secondary School of the Year Award and it’ll cost you £13,755-a-year to attend this award-winning private school.

Natalie Evans – Rockport School

Natalie Evans or, I should say, The Baroness Evans of Bowes Park is the final member of the cabinet who went to private school. Rockport School is in County Down in Northern Ireland. It is situated in 25 acres of woodland and is home to only approximately 200 students which works out to just over 500 square metres worth of land per pupil.

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