Pictured are the Mamma Mia dads

Take this quiz to find out which Mamma Mia dad would be yours

Look, we can’t all have Bill!!

No matter how many times you watch Mamma Mia, there will only be one of the Sophie’s dads you wish was yours. Whether it’s Sam, Bill or Harry, there is definitely one of the three who would suit to be your father given all their different personalities and styles. Sam Carmichael, the Irish architect, Bill Anderson, the Swedish writer and Harry Bright, the English banker. All three very different men, all suited to be the father of very different people. Protest all you wish, but if you try and deny that there isn’t a part of you that wants Harry to be your dad then you’re just lying!

Mamma Mia turned 14 years old in 2022 and that means 14 years of our favourite trio desperately trying to work out if Sophie is their daughter or not, as well as 14 years of the best film to grace the earth. Sorry it’s true, I don’t make the rules. Now, you may know all the lyrics to the most iconic ABBA songs and you may know all the key moments in the Mamma Mia films, but deep down the only thing everyone wants to know is which dad from Mamma Mia they are most aligned to. But, to decide once and for all, take this very *scientific* quiz to determine who your Mamma Mia dad would be. Is it Sam, Bill or Harry?

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