mamma mia lyrics quiz

Only a true ABBA fan will be able to get full marks on this Mamma Mia lyrics quiz

This is my time to shine

If you’ve watched Mamma Mia even once, you know those ABBA songs stick in your mind forever, and so now it’s time to test your Mamma Mia lyrics knowledge with our quiz.

Who would have thought asking Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews and Colin Firth to sing ABBA’s classics would become such a cultural phenomenon? And honestly sometimes the Mamma Mia version is better than the original ABBA one, apart from anytime Pierce Brosnan sings, sorry Pierce but it’s true.

The songs are easily the best part of both movies, and forever make you want to be on a Greek Island with your mates drinking and questioning just who is your father?

ABBA’s songs have been around since the 70s so there is technically no excuse for not getting full marks on this quiz. Going through each song of the first Mamma Mia film you’ll need to fill in the gaps, finish the lyrics and guess which line comes next.

Take our Mamma Mia lyrics quiz to test your knowledge:

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