These 43 Mamma Mia memes prove they’re the best films to ever exist

Donna was the blueprint for hot girl summer

Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again are genuinely masterpieces. The cast is iconic. Colin Firth’s awkwardness makes both films, Pierce Brosnan needs to accept that he just cannot sing and Lily James as Donna experiences the ultimate hot girl summer you only wish you could have. She does so wearing the most beautiful clothes I’ve ever seen, where do I buy that orange skirt?! I will also forever want to be part of Donna and the Dynamos, again mostly so I can wear those sick matching outfits. Honestly, the movies’ costume designer should be given an award.

Let’s not lie, we all wish we could run off to a Greek island this summer and meet three really fit men whilst singing absolute bangers. Instead, most of us are stuck in the rainy UK, complaining that we’ll never find our young Bill. Not to worry, for you can live vicariously through these Mamma Mia memes instead.

So put on Dancing Queen and enjoy these 43 Mamma Mia memes:

1. Providing my serotonin boost for the week

2. Shoutout to Cher’s erratic tweeting

3. A style ICON

4. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

5. This meme format is my personal favourite

6. Enough said

7. Me at the cinema the week it was released

mamma mia memes

8. Tag yourself, I’m Rosie

9. Hurry up and give me my vaccine so I can be Donna

10. Oh the revelations we had watching this

11. Get out

12. This scene changed the game

mamma mia memes

13. Strikingly similar

14. Yet another revelation that was had

15. The DREAM

16. Thank you milf x

17. Second is better just saying

18. It’s like no time has passed

19. If this isn’t my summer, I don’t want it

20. This speaks facts

21. Keep the lockdown memes coming

22. Incredible

23. Some pretty solid coping mechanisms here

24. Tanya has my heart

25. Always

26. Colin makes the film

27. My favourite meme format makes its return

28. Keep being silent then

29. Where can I find a Bill

30. I’ll say it again. Colin makes the film

31. I cried four x

32. Donna was the blueprint for hot girl summer

33. Brb just running away to Greece

34. A return flight isn’t necessary

35. And still more revelations

36. Like I said, style ICON

37. So where’s he hiding??

38. Never gets old

39. Lockdown in a meme

40. Are you sure though

41. A living legend

42. Just Cher wanting a cheeky Nando’s

43. And finally…

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