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An ode to Mamma Mia: the perfect film for any occasion

It’s everything a girl could want in a movie

It is finally July 2018 – a culturally significant month for a variety of reasons. It's the Fifa World Cup final, and festival season upon us, for instance, but to women across the world this is no ordinary month – because this is the second coming. Now, after 10 years of watching and rewatching it and never getting bored, we have been graced with even more Mamma Mia. Here we go again.

Whilst on a surface level it's the sweet story of Sophie trying to track the identity of her father before her wedding day, in reality it's SO much more than that. Here's why.

You can watch it at ANY time

Whether you've seen it once or you've seen it a million times, you'll never get bored watching Mamma Mia. There's something about it that allows you to watch it on repeat and enjoy it all the same. When Dancing Queen comes on and you hear the harmonies, you ARE the dancing queen – you can't sit still, you just have to feel the power of Mamma Mia move through you.

When you start making friends at uni and they suggest a night in watching this glorious musical, you look forward to it even if you've seen it countless times before, because it's the perfect film to rewatch and share the joy with others. Friends who watch Mamma Mia together, stay together. It's a bonding experience.

It's got magical healing powers

Because of the aforementioned powers Mamma Mia holds, it becomes the perfect remedy to heartbreak. The songs are so uplifting that they seem to overshadow the misery of being dumped or fucked over by a dickhead – you can't tell me that listening to Chiquitita in your PJs with a Domino's wouldn't make any negative situation better.

Why be upset about a 19 year old boy from Lancashire who dumped you to spend more time clubbing with 'the boys' when there are men like Sam, Bill and Harry (and Sky, if you want) in the world? Trust Mamma Mia to put it all into perspective.

'It's just fucking incredible, when my ex cheated on me I watched it and my heart was filled with hope and warmth again'Lauren, Cardiff

The men in it actually aren't dickheads

Aside from the incredibly strong women that grace the screen, we're given a bit of eye candy with Mr Bond, Mark Darcy and well, Stellan Skarsgård all featuring as Sophie's dads. You'd think putting 3 of Donna's exes in a room together would cause jealousy and havoc, but they just go on boat rides together and sing and play the guitar.

Sophie doesn't get men running away from her – but three wholesome, loving dads who take responsibility for their past. It's beautifully idealistic and restores our faith in men for a little bit. That's what cinema's for, isn't it?

'Banging tunes, feel good factor, and a multitude of DILFs – what more could a girl want from a film?' – Jo, Edinburgh

It makes you love your mum even more

The maternal relationship between Donna and Sophie is the purest thing ever, and if you're a homesick fresher, 'Slipping Through My Fingers' will make you blubber like a baby. We're in a world where we have to grow up quickly – shown by the pressure Sophie puts on herself to get married at such a young age – yet Donna will always be there for her. If you're lucky enough to have a mother like Donna, it'll remind you to appreciate all she does for you, even if you're growing up and needing her less.

'I saw Mamma Mia nine times with my mum, and every time we watch it now it made me thankful I have her as my Mum' – Tammy-Louise, Cardiff


Amanda Seyfried's falsetto has been widely criticised, but Abba's incredible music combined with the carefree Mamma Mia plot just makes it work. It's angelic. The men in the film might not be the greatest of singers either, but you once you hear the harmonies you couldn't care less. Besides, the women are the highlight of this film anyway – and they're all stellar. The harmonies have a supernatural power that uplifts the lowest of souls. If you haven't sung along to Money, Money, Money and got lost in it, then you're probably lying.

It's not just a love story

Everything's a love story in this day and age, but Sophie's actual wedding is really just a subplot. Sure, Donna and Sam rekindle their flame, but that's not what gives Mamma Mia its spark – it's the platonic relationships that are so strong throughout the film that make everyone fall in love with it. Everyone wants friends like Tanya and Rosie, and they're both so different that they definitely remind you of the friends in your life (if they don't, get new friends). Nothing beats Donna and the Dynamos.

'I live for Mamma Mia. I live by a combination of the older women’s values' – Tate, Edinburgh

It gives you eternal hope

Donna might not have had the easiest life, getting pregnant at a young age without much support from her mother and raising a child by herself – but she's a modern day hero who shows that life is doable on your own. She lived life putting her child first, and in the end it all works out for her when she gets back together with Sam and they get married.

Everything might not seem as clear-cut for us yet, but women like Donna exist everywhere and if she can find her happiness years later, so can we. Gives you hope, doesn't it?

'It makes you realise that you don’t have to have everything in your life figured out right now, it’ll all be fine in the end just like it is for Donna' – Lois, Liverpool

And, when it looks like it couldn't get any better?