Pictured is ABBA singing a song that is in the ABBA song lyric quiz

Can you guess the missing lyric in this iconic ABBA song quiz?

Brb, going to listen to ABBA’s entire discography

ABBA is a staple in all of our playlists, and if they aren’t you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your Spotify, because you are missing out. Whether you know ABBA’s music through the Mamma Mia soundtracks or you’re just a big fan of their music separately, there is no denying that you could sing all the lyrics to Dancing Queen with no mistakes. Or could you? It’s been 14 years since Mamma Mia first hit the big screen and introduced a lot of us to ABBA’s greatest hits, and the nostalgia all too much to not want to listen to ABBA over and over. Even if you’re not a big ABBA fan, you definitely know at least three songs and could sing along to them without fail, and could possibly get full marks in an ABBA song lyric quiz.

Whether Super Trouper is your go-to karaoke ABBA song or you enjoy the slow banger that is Slipping Through My Fingers, would you be able to guess every missing lyric in this quiz? Try for yourself and see how many you get correct!


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