If UK politicians had BeReal, this is what their posts would probably look like

I swear Liz Truss is faking her BeReals, she always seem to be in that bloody pork market

For those of you living under a rock, BeReal is a relatively new app that’s meant to be the antidote to Instagram. BeReal sends users a notification telling them to take a picture at a random point in the day. You then take a snap of what you’re doing and your face reacting to it simultaneously. The aim is basically to give a more real impression of what people’s lives are like. Now, I’m not aware of any politicians who have BeReal, and honestly I think that’s probably a good thing, but what if, by some unfortunate stroke of events, they did have the app? Well, this is what their BeReal pages would probably look like.

Boris Johnson

We all know the outgoing Prime Minister has an affinity for rugby tackling small children.  Here’s a photo taken moments before disaster struck.

Liz Truss

When Liz Truss gets sad about the fact we import two thirds of all of our cheese (a disgrace btw), she just thinks of Chinese pork markets, takes a breath, and all becomes right in the world.

Background image: Unsplash

Rishi Sunak

In this video clip, Rishi Sunak can be seen trying to play it cool with some school kids. He confesses that he is a “total coke addict” before clarifying that he was referring to the drink Coca Cola. Anyway his BeReal presumably looks something like this:


Background image: Unsplash

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, Rishi Sunak does not actually rack up fat lines of cocaine.

Keir Starmer

Labour leader Beer Starmer loves a pint and was recently pictured sipping away on a cold one during lockdown. But don’t worry, he didn’t manage to add a crumb excitement to his boring persona and was found to have not broken any Covid restrictions.


Dominic Cummings

Okay, Dominic isn’t a politician BUT he was heavily involved in politics and I thought of a funny so that’s why this picture is in the piece.

If he had BeReal, he’d almost definitely be driving up to Barnard Castle, a great location to test your eyesight at this time of year.

Is it just me or is that pic a bit blurry?

Priti Patel

If Priti Patel had BeReal, we’d probably catch her on one of her many walks along the Dover cliffs footpath. She’s regularly spotted patrolling the coastline, keeping one eye firmly on the horizon at all times.


Nadine Dorries

Anyone who has the app will know that you often get the BeReal notification when you least expect it.

If the app was to catch Nadine Dorries off guard, we’d probably see her writing one of her many diary entries about an imagined love life with Boris Johnson.


Yes, this is a Shrek reference

Andy Burnham

Where there’s a festival, there’s probably a mayor of Manchester. Andy Burnham loves pints and music. His BeReal would probably look a little like this.


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