Rosalía chewing gum meme

Since it’s the biggest vibe ever, here’s the Rosalía chewing gum meme fully explained

I cannot escape these videos and I don’t want to x

Rosalía has the internet in a chokehold. And to be honest, so she bloody well should. I am not exaggerating when I say she is an artist who is making the most genre boundary pushing, forward thinking and groundbreaking music in the world right now. She’s an auteur of her industry – her latest record Motomami is the highest critically scored album of the year on Metacritic. And after a bash at viral fame with Francis Bourgeois as they completely spontaneously waited for a train together earlier this year, she’s back in the viral sphere thanks to an iconic clip from her world tour. Here’s the Rosalía chewing gum meme fully explained!


Okay, so the viral clip of Rosalía chewing gum in the meme comes from a specific moment on the Motomami world tour. It’s when she starts performing Bizcochito, the seventh track on the record that romps through its one minute 49 runtime like it’s doing a marathon. It’s one of the best on the album, Rolling Stone described it as “so playful it sounds like an ice cream truck rolling through the neighbourhood” which sums it up best. It’s the kind of song that’s begging to go big on TikTok without trying too hard.

After the first clip blew up, she got into an iconic blue outfit at another tour date and did it again. The internet collapsed, obvs.

Then it became what is truly my multiverse of madness:

A roundup of the funniest Rosalía chewing gum meme examples:

1. She was the sass queen of the factory tbf

2. Good fucking bye x

3. This is too real

4. She’s actually better and more culturally relevant

5. And what about it x

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