This guy innocently posted his English breakfast and now the internet has exploded

Someone described him as ‘everything that’s wrong with Britain’

A random man on Twitter posted a photo of his so-called full English breakfast and now he is being ripped to complete and utter shreds. But do you know what? Maybe he deserves it because the contents of his plate are pure hell.

Here’s a rundown of what you can see on this man’s plate but prepare yourself because “Peas” wasn’t trending for no reason.

So he starts off on a decent note, he’s got good looking toast and his hash browns look as though they are cooked to perfection. He also has a big helping of beans which is expected and a couple of eggs with four sausages. But things take a violent turn for the worst when you realise there’s no bacon, no mushrooms and no tomato. Instead of those three staples he’s added peas and what I could only describe as gammon.

Naturally he is being ripped to shreds for his behaviour and quite frankly, it’s hilarious. Here are the best reactions to this man’s take on the world’s most criminal full English.

Someone quote tweeted him with one word: “Nauseating”.

Another person called him a “menace”, they said: “What sort of psychopath lashes peas on a full English? You fucking menace.” Other people are calling him attention seeking and “everything that’s wrong with Britain today”.

Someone else said they would “rather throw myself down the stairs than eat a cooked breakfast with fucking peas on it.”

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