Doja Cat has lost over 240,000 Instagram followers since her beef with Noah Schnapp

Naturally Noah has gained over a million lol

Doja Cat has lost over 240,000 Instagram followers since her beef with Noah Schanpp.

Over the last couple of days Doja Cat’s Instagram following list has taken a major hit since she called out Noah Schnapp for sharing a conversation between them both. Last week she asked Noah how to slide into Joseph Quinn’s DMs who plays Eddie Munson on Stranger Things.

Noah handed over Joseph’s details but also posted screenshots of his messages with Doja Cat onto TikTok in a now deleted video titled “Thirsty Doja”. In a TikTok live, Doja Cat said Noah’s actions were “boarderline snake shit” and “weasel shit”.

She has since faced criticism for how she dealt with the situation. According to Social Blade, Doja Cat has went from 24.34 million Instagram followers to just over 24.1 million. In total she’s lost well over 240,000 Instagram followers since the drama unfolded.

Noah Schnapp has gained almost 1.1 million in the same time frame but obviously he is in Stranger Things and a new season has just dropped on Netflix. So we’re not entirely convinced it’s massively linked to the Doja drama.

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