Adam Collard dumped his girlfriend of two years before heading back into the villa

His ex has since released a statement saying she doesn’t want to talk about it

Adam Collard was reportedly in the process of buying a house with his girlfriend of two years before dumping her two months before going back on Love Island.

The Sun has reported Adam Collard ended things with his most recent ex-girlfriend of two years just two months before going back into the villa. The couple also apparently shared two dogs together as well.

Sources told The Sun that Adam and his ex, Josie Baxter, were both due to fly to Greece to teach classes at a health camp but Adam told her he wanted to go alone. Days later the couple broke up but she still works at his gym in Newcastle.

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Josie has posted on Instagram saying how she doesn’t wish to talk about the situation. Her statement says: “I have so far chosen not to speak about my current situation. It is a very sensitive subject to me and not something I ever wanted to deal with in the public eye. I have a strong friendship with Adam and his family and we are working together and will continue to do so. Misleading stories are being written which isn’t okay. Please respect that I don’t want to speak of this matter again.”

Earlier this week when Adam entered the villa, he told Danica: “I only really got out of a relationship like two months ago, just over that, but I sat on it for a while. I seem to get a nosebleed at like 18 months.” A source from Josie’s circle told The Sun: “As far as Josie was concerned they were serious, they were looking to buy a house together. Everything unravelled pretty quickly after Adam first spoke to Love Island at the end of April. It’s very awkward as they obviously both work together and so everyone at the gym knows what has been going on. Newcastle is a small place and people talk.”

A source close to Adam told ITV: “Adam’s only conversations about returning to Love Island were when he was single. Adam was very clear about that during conversations with the team on the show. It’s disappointing that unnamed people feel the need to suggest otherwise, especially when Adam has no means of defending himself from these allegations. We would urge fans to listen to Adam’s own words on the show.”

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