PSA: Katie Price once ran for parliament and her manifesto was iconic

‘Tax cuts for anyone who has an affair with a foreign footballer’


The 2001 general election saw Tony Blair’s Labour re-elected in a second landslide victory. More importantly, the year saw Katie Price (then Jordan) mark her own political career launch when she ran to be Member of Parliament for Stretford and Urmston. Spoiler, her manifesto was perhaps the greatest piece of political literature ever to have graced this earth. 

Whilst Destiny’s Child were topping the charts, Katie Price was busy running her campaign on the slogan “for a bigger and betta future”. 

Katie ended up coming last with just 1.8 per cent of the vote but how her manifesto didn’t secure her a seat in the commons is a stain on our democracy.

Manifesto pledges included: free plastic surgery for all, tax cuts for people who had affairs with foreign footballers and free package holidays on the NHS. Her defence policy read: “De fence should be six feet high and put up around my garden so nobody can see me sunbathing topless.”

When interviewed at the time she said: “My policies are to make things fun. The election is boring. I’m here to spice things up.”

Recognising the large Labour majority in the seat, she remained upbeat: “I know it will take a big swing to win the seat but there’s no bigger swinger than me.”

Despite all of this, it appears she never even voted for herself. When taking part in a Channel 4 EU referendum programme in 2016 she admitted she had “never voted before”. 

The campaign was largely a Daily Star publicity stunt but for 713 people in Stretford and no doubt millions more across the country, it was a dream worth believing in. 

Katie’s luxury communist utopia may never have been achieved but it should always live on as a reminder of the world we could have had under Prime Minister Price.

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