NUS President Larissa Kennedy calls Piers Morgan ‘snowflake’ and owns him over free speech

Piers set off a ‘trigger warning alarm’ every time he pretended to be ‘triggered’ by something she said

NUS President, Larissa Kennedy schooled Piers Morgan over free speech at universities on his show in a chaotic and drama-filled interview.

Throughout the interview, Larissa was forced to eye-roll as Piers set off a joke “trigger warning alarm” sound effect every time he pretended to be “triggered” by something Larissa said.

The interview centred around a new report on free speech at universities which claims students are “less supportive of free expression than they were”.

Larissa accused Piers of “creating these inflammatory headlines” around issues such as trigger warnings and safe spaces.

When asked about the prevalence of trigger warnings on university campuses, Larissa argued that all trigger warnings do is “note what’s in the course, that’s a bibliography” she then asked Piers if he was against bibliographies, which he avoided answering.

Larissa also challenged the large amounts of media focus given to so-called “culture war” issues on campuses: “Why do we have so much airtime on this, why do we have so many resources and money going into talking about this… and when you see it in the context of the policing bill, you have to ask the question who is benefitting from this conversation? Because it’s not students.”

Piers continued “we all know what’s happening at universities”, arguing that there was no room for debate at universities. Larissa, however, refuted Piers’ image of universities and asked him: “When was the last time you went to university?… How can you know what’s going on at our universities? You’re reading a report.” Leading Piers to accuse Larissa of ageism, once again setting off his trigger warning alarm.

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Larissa later accused Piers of being the “snowflake because you’re so pressed about it”. Larissa explained her view of free speech as the ability of students to express themselves whether through speakers on campus or protesting.

Piers moved to asking Larissa about the issue of inviting controversial speakers onto campus. Rejecting the premise of the question, Larissa asked: “what kind of question is that? As if I have the power to stop people coming to uni”.

Piers continued to press Larissa on the issue explaining it was the subject of his next step to which Larissa urged him to “ask the next guest then”.

Asked “what a woman is” Larissa rebuked Piers saying, “what is a woman? What’s that got to do with the price of bread? A woman is someone who defines as a woman.”

“I know you’re trynna trap me and I’m not falling for it, you’re not getting your clip out of me.”

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