Desperate to stay at uni? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which panic Master’s to do

It’s more accurate than whatever your year 13 careers advisor told you


The car is packed. Your room is empty. And your dad is speedily driving out of your university town grumbling about the traffic. Suddenly, just like that, your three years at university are over. Or are they??

What if you could stay with all your mates, go and get pissed in the same clubs and hide your raging nicotine addiction from your parents for another year. There’s one easy solution to your problems and it’s called a panic Master’s. Despite what you might have thought when you filled out your UCAS application, your degree has not left you ready for the real world and that’s okay.

We’ve devised a highly scientific quiz that, I promise you, will do a better job than your Year 13 careers advisor. We’ll tell you which panic Master’s to apply for so you can get yourself back to uni and out of your parents house as soon as fucking possible.

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