These are the universities where graduates are earning the least after five years

It’s not looking good for Leeds Beckett grads

As a nation we all seem to be extremely awkward when it comes to talking about money when we shouldn’t be. Amidst a cost of living crisis, there really shouldn’t be a taboo around the subject as we’re all trying to save as many pennies as we can -especially recent graduates.

Grad salaries have remained unchanged since 2015, but a report released this year said grad salaries were set to rise for the first time in seven years. That, combined with the fact student loan interest rates have been capped at 7.3 per cent, means university graduates are now earning more than ever.

However, whilst most people are on similar starting salaries straight after they graduate, after a couple of years in the working world graduate salaries can begin to fluctuate significantly. Those who attended Russell Group universities are set to earn upwards of £40k five years after they graduate. But graduates from other universities aren’t so lucky.

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But which universities across the country have graduates with the lowest salaries? Data gathered by Adzuna and exclusively shared with The Tab revealed which universities grads are earning the least five years after they’ve graduated.

Out of data gathered from 110 universities across the country, these 20 universities were at the bottom with graduates earning little over than £27k and the bottom five still only on £25k.

Here are the lowest graduate salaries after five years ranked by university:

University of Wolverhampton – £27,816

University of Chester – £27,749

Staffordshire University – £27,734

Manchester Metropolitan University – £27,719

Canterbury Christ Church University -£27,564

University of Roehampton – £27,361

University of Sunderland – £27,308

Keele University – £27,239

University of South Wales – £27,232

Buckinghamshire New University – £26,986

Leeds Beckett University – £26,712

University of Northampton – £26,672

Ulster University – £26,548

Goldsmiths, University of London – £26,340

Bangor University – £26,315

Liverpool John Moores University – £25,749

Azad University – £25,715

Edge Hill University – £25,334

Bath Spa University – £25,196

Aberystwyth University – £25,129

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